Friday, August 12, 2011

Bugging Out Over My Bug Out Bag

Item# 2287
Think I might add some
reflective tape in case of a
The unpredictable nature of today's world has got me "bugging out" literally.  Fires, floods, earthquakes, the stock markets ups and downs, riots in the streets of London; it all has me thinking...

Item #3113 Gerber
I should be prepared and get myself a Bug Out Bag. Some know it as a 72-hour kit, a grab bag or my favorite name for it a GOOD (Get out of Dodge) Bag.  Whatever you call it, the objective is the same, a B.O.B allows you to evacuate quickly if a disaster should strike. According to Wikipedia, the bags origins are military based and relate to the emergency kits military aviators used to carry before bailing out of a plane.

The Red Cross states the kit you put together should meet your family's needs for at least 72 hours and should be stored in an easy-to-carry bag on wheels or backpack. My votes for a backpack, they are light and easy to carry, like our Black Medium Transport Pack. So now that I've got the bag, the million dollar question is... what to put in the Bug Out Bag? 

Always be prepared for a
cut or two! Item # 8335
Item #917 Lights up for us in
low light conditions
Luckily for me, I work for a company that has everything I need to pack a proper bag; the only problem I can run into is over packing. The thought of abandoning your home is scary but an even scarier thought, is not having the right items because you wanted to pack an extra pair of shoes. 

Some of the key items you pack vary based on your location but for me, I started my bag with a sleeping bag and pad because wherever you end up, its important you get a good night's sleep. Next up in the bag is a Multi-tool, when I polled our over 7000 Facebook Fans, this item was their number one choice and I can see why, it has so many functions you would be crazy not to have one even when your not in an emergency situation. 

Some other key items include a First Aid Kit, Bug Repellent, Water treatment, Tarp or some kind of protective covering, extra socks and clothing, Canteen, Fishing line, Fire starter and if I have the urge to pull a MacGyver some DUCT tape and Paracord.

And just in case my iPhone Apps are not working a Compass, Flash light and light sticksSafety Whistle, Map, Survival Guide, Crank/Solar Emergency Radio and a solar charger for my phone to ensure my phone will work (fingers crossed for service)

And while I hope I never have to used it, some websites say I will need a gun or knife and about $200 worth of cash for bargaining, hey I guess you never know and like the boy scouts say "always be prepared" and that is is exactly what a Bug Out Bag is. You hope you will never have to use it but at least you know you are ready. 

And now I am ready! 

~Kristy Dineen @Rothco

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