Friday, August 26, 2011

The History of Camouflage Part I

Modern Day A.C.U Digital Camouflage
Part I...The Birth of Camouflage  

It's this blogs namesake, a fashion statement but most important, Camouflage is one of the most essential components of modern military combat. So what's the story behind this stealthy combat art form?

Well, to my surprise the history of camouflage in combat goes way back to the 17th century and I am sure it probably goes back even further to the early stages of man who would use his surroundings to hide and hunt for prey. But for historical purposes, the gamekeepers from the Untied Kingdom seem to be one of the first to adopted drab colors to blend(camouflage) into their environment during a time of war. 
Depiction of Rifleman of the 95th,
in 1815 from wikipedi
Later examples of camouflage in combat would be seen in the Napoleonic wars, in which Rifleman from the 95th, adopted green jackets in contrast to the Line's regiment of scarlet tunics. Just looking at the picture to the left, I can say we have come a long way in combat uniforms. I wonder if that thing on top of the helmet was a way to look like a tree branch?
World War I Helmet w/ Camo Pattern applied

Would you believe that modern day khaki colored uniforms date back to British troops in 1857 in India? British soldiers starting dying their white drill uniforms with mud, colored inks and even morning breakfast beverages like coffee and tea, in order to blend into the brown terrain of India. These dye methods resulted in colors that ranged from grey to a light brown and by 1885 these brown and tan colors otherwise known as khaki became standard uniform for the British Indian Army troops stationed in India and even Africa. This "khaki" trend was then soon adopted by the United States during the civil war when rifle units opted out of their green jackets and also countries like Germany, Portugal and Italy started to use colored uniforms to match their surroundings. 

A page from inside Abbot's Book - talk about
But it's not till the First World War that we see influences of modern day camo as we know it and we have Abbott Thayer to thank for this. Abbot was a artist and zoologist and he published a book in 1909, titled Concealing Coloration in the Animal Kingdom: A Exposition of the Laws of Disguise Through Color and Pattern. His book became essential reading for all military leaders, who wanted to find new ways to conceal or "camouflage' not only their troops but military equipment as well. If you are up for a good long read the book is actually available for your review here, it's about 500 pages so enjoy! From this book and various other artistic movements like Cubism and Impressionism modern day camouflage was born. 

In Camobloge's next post on the history of Camouflage, I will delve into Camouflage during the Twentieth Century and how it evolved through the different wars. Who knew there was so much history behind the subject of Camouflage. 

Kristy Dineen @Rothco

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bugging Out Over My Bug Out Bag

Item# 2287
Think I might add some
reflective tape in case of a
The unpredictable nature of today's world has got me "bugging out" literally.  Fires, floods, earthquakes, the stock markets ups and downs, riots in the streets of London; it all has me thinking...

Item #3113 Gerber
I should be prepared and get myself a Bug Out Bag. Some know it as a 72-hour kit, a grab bag or my favorite name for it a GOOD (Get out of Dodge) Bag.  Whatever you call it, the objective is the same, a B.O.B allows you to evacuate quickly if a disaster should strike. According to Wikipedia, the bags origins are military based and relate to the emergency kits military aviators used to carry before bailing out of a plane.

The Red Cross states the kit you put together should meet your family's needs for at least 72 hours and should be stored in an easy-to-carry bag on wheels or backpack. My votes for a backpack, they are light and easy to carry, like our Black Medium Transport Pack. So now that I've got the bag, the million dollar question is... what to put in the Bug Out Bag? 

Always be prepared for a
cut or two! Item # 8335
Item #917 Lights up for us in
low light conditions
Luckily for me, I work for a company that has everything I need to pack a proper bag; the only problem I can run into is over packing. The thought of abandoning your home is scary but an even scarier thought, is not having the right items because you wanted to pack an extra pair of shoes. 

Some of the key items you pack vary based on your location but for me, I started my bag with a sleeping bag and pad because wherever you end up, its important you get a good night's sleep. Next up in the bag is a Multi-tool, when I polled our over 7000 Facebook Fans, this item was their number one choice and I can see why, it has so many functions you would be crazy not to have one even when your not in an emergency situation. 

Some other key items include a First Aid Kit, Bug Repellent, Water treatment, Tarp or some kind of protective covering, extra socks and clothing, Canteen, Fishing line, Fire starter and if I have the urge to pull a MacGyver some DUCT tape and Paracord.

And just in case my iPhone Apps are not working a Compass, Flash light and light sticksSafety Whistle, Map, Survival Guide, Crank/Solar Emergency Radio and a solar charger for my phone to ensure my phone will work (fingers crossed for service)

And while I hope I never have to used it, some websites say I will need a gun or knife and about $200 worth of cash for bargaining, hey I guess you never know and like the boy scouts say "always be prepared" and that is is exactly what a Bug Out Bag is. You hope you will never have to use it but at least you know you are ready. 

And now I am ready! 

~Kristy Dineen @Rothco

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Rothco Review: Back that Booty Short Line Up

ACU Digital Booty
Shorts & Tank
The Rothco Booty Short was first introduced in 2007 with just two colors, Woodland Camo and Olive Drab, immediately we saw a huge positive reaction from our customers and quickly introduced another color, Pink Camo. After another successful reaction we decided to add matching tanks top and in 2008 the Booty Short Line was created and history was made!
Desert Digital Booty
Shorts & Tank
Today we offer 14 different varieties on tanks and shorts including Army Digital, Police, Fire Fighter, Biker, and Smokey Branch. The Rothco Booty Short Line has been an amazing seller for all types of dealers like traditional Army & Navy stores, Screen Printers, Uniform Shops and Apparel retailers. The Rothco Booty Short line fits any retail location.

The booty shorts can be worn as underwear or lounge wear, and the tanks are the perfect compliment to jeans (my favorite article of clothing). With 14 different styles they will match any style of jeans. Tank, jeans, belt, and flip flops equal the perfect outfit! Men are buying the shorts as an impulse item for their wives and girlfriends, so it’s important to carry both the shorts and the tanks.
Baby Pink Camo 
Booty Shorts & Tank

Biker Booty Shorts & Tank
The Women’s Booty Camp Shorts and Tanks Tops are our number one women’s line. Jim Nesmith from Jim’s G I Depot, Cookeville, TN says’ “If you are selling the booty shorts you need the matching tank to go with it. If you aren’t selling these…what are you waiting for?”

The booty shorts and tanks are available in sizes XS to 2XL, they are slim fit, with a cotton and spandex blend that are pre-hung on hangers. Coming Soon  in early 2012 are the Bombshell Booty Short and Tank and Lock Down Booty Short and Tank. If you have an idea for the next booty short please email
Coming in 2012

Coming in 2012