Friday, July 15, 2011

Rothco Insider: Meet a New Member of the Rothco Team

Rothco wants to give you an inside scoop on what's going on behind the scenes. First in an ongoing series on the Camobloge's "Rothco Insider" is, well it's about me, Kristy Dineen the new Digital Marketing Manger here at Rothco

Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager

If you are a Fan of Rothco's Fan Page, follow us on Twitter or a member of the Distributor group, you probably have seen me post a thing or two million. As part of my responsibilities here at Rothco, the world's foremost supplier of military gear and outdoor clothing, is handling all the social media for the company. Additionally, my tasks include managing all online content; from Google Ad Words to Search Engine Optimization of

My Desk Buddy called the "butt station"
I am extremely excited to be here at Rothco, I can't believe that I have already been here for over three months now, time really does fly. I am excited to learn about everything Rothco has to offer. From B.D.U's, A.C.U's, Airsoft gear, camping gear, military gear, to tactical gear and the list goes on and on. The best part about my job is that everything I learn about Rothco, I get to share with you, the fan. 

I have been in the marketing field since graduating from College at SUNY Stony Brook in 2004. Since then I have seen my profession evolve with the times. From the basics of the 4 P's to SEO & SEM, the digital marketing field is always changing. And so is Rothco, this year alone our 2012 Catalog will be setting new records by having 300 pages of Military, Outdoor and Tactical gear, our biggest issue yet!

And I can't wait to share it all with you. Up next in the Rothco Insider you will get an never before seen look at our 155,000 sq. foot state-of -the art warehouse and how we put a 300 page catalog all together.

Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Rothco

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