Friday, July 29, 2011

Rothco Insider: The Making of Rothco's 2012 Catalog

Guess whats going on these pages
The wait is almost over...
In a few short weeks Rothco will sending out our ALL NEW 2012 Catalog, this year's catalog will have MORE pages and even MORE product than ever before, over 200 new items to be exact!

Rothco's 2012 catalog is exactly 300 pages this year and is chock-full of new military, tactical and outdoor apparel and gear....and it's about to hit the presses. Look for it to be sent out in early September... and just when you thought your summer reading was over! 

As one might guess putting together a catalog with 1000's upon 1000's of items is not an easy task, the process of putting 

You need a lot coffee to help put together 300 pgs of product
together this catalog and the additional 
supplement catalogs is a constant process for us. Rothco's team members from sales, buying department, marketing, Q/A and owners,  meet at least once a week to discuss new product ideas and development, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of you, our customer. And it is this process that sets Rothco apart from the rest. We are the ONLY company that puts out two publications a year, full of new and exciting military, tactical and outdoor gear and apparel. 

Rothco's New Bags are ready for their closeup

The before shot

In talking with some of the sales team they have said how amazed they are at the amount of new product lines we are carrying this year. From a full-line of Paracord rope and accessories to over 8 different color Paracord bracelets. In addition to that we have added new Rothco Exclusive Military Graphic Tee's, Canvas Bags and Backpacks. And let's not forget about our new B.D.U's and combat shirts. This year Rothco has more colors and style choices than you can imagine!
Lights, Camera Action! 
Beside Rothco's catalog offering more product than ever before. This year Rothco has updated some of our product shots, giving you a chance to see more image details and product functions in the catalog and online at

Right now as I write this, our art department is in its first round of routing, as process in which they review the order of the items and pages. After about 2-3 rounds of this, the catalog is then set off to pagination for another review and then it is off to the printer. The process of laying out the new catalog with all the new product was started back in April and to think in a few short months, Rothco was able to put together a whole new catalog with thousands of products is amazing! 

I know I am excited to see the final product, in all it's 300 page glory! 

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

New Product Flyer 
New product flyer

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