Friday, July 01, 2011

A Kansas State of Mind

Store front of Patriot Outfitters
Rothco sales on the road...This time our story takes us to Kansas with Hans.

This spring I got the chance to visit the great state of Kansas and the many Rothco Retailers in there. With over 20 years in this business, I never get tired of visiting and learning the history of these stores. Behind each door is a great story. 

Rothco Bags from floor to ceiling!
My first stop on the trip was to Patriot Outfitters, which is a chain of 25 stores including their website. I visited there stores outside Ft. Riley. It has been amazing to see their phenomenal growth in the past couple years. The store has grown so much since their days as a small kiosk inside the PX of Fort Riley.

When I asked them what stands out about Rothco they said "Our service: It is second to none." And some of their favorite Rothco products to carry include our ACU stools, Berets, Microfiber towels and the ever popular Shemaghs. In short anything that makes a soldiers life easier and more convenient. 

 The best part of this trip was when Joe the head buy for Patriot Outfitters was able to get me into FT. Riley PX as his guest because which was great because they normally don't let civilians in there. I was amazed at the rules and regulations they must function under even as a mall store. 

Wow! Now that's a Paracord section.

Another stop on my trip was to one our oldest and most established accounts in the area, Mickey's Army Navy, located in Kansas City, Ks. 

Established in 1953, Mickey's A&N currently has three generations working in the store! You would be amazed at the stuff they have on display at their store; from old jeeps to a couple of de-milled 500 lb. bombs on their sales floor! I can say that their displays are truly out of this world because they even have an Astronaut's space suit! I was some amazed by this, I even forgot to take a picture! Well, maybe next time. 

Kansas Store Displays
Mickey's A&N is a very diverse store selling everything from ammo to Paracord. Their favorite Rothco items to carry include our very popular Paracord, kid's clothes and Rothco's Vintage Shorts. And they love how fast, friendly and efficient our customer service is. 

Mickey's A&N was truly a fun place to visit. A special thanks to  Micky, Julie and Abby (the 3 generations of owners) who really made me feel at home. 

I made several other visits on my trip to Kansas and have more stories than I can put into words. I would like to thank all the stores I visited for opening your doors and welcoming me in. Can't wait for the next visit.

Hans Blechschmidt, Sales Manager @ Rothco