Friday, July 29, 2011

Rothco Insider: The Making of Rothco's 2012 Catalog

Guess whats going on these pages
The wait is almost over...
In a few short weeks Rothco will sending out our ALL NEW 2012 Catalog, this year's catalog will have MORE pages and even MORE product than ever before, over 200 new items to be exact!

Rothco's 2012 catalog is exactly 300 pages this year and is chock-full of new military, tactical and outdoor apparel and gear....and it's about to hit the presses. Look for it to be sent out in early September... and just when you thought your summer reading was over! 

As one might guess putting together a catalog with 1000's upon 1000's of items is not an easy task, the process of putting 

You need a lot coffee to help put together 300 pgs of product
together this catalog and the additional 
supplement catalogs is a constant process for us. Rothco's team members from sales, buying department, marketing, Q/A and owners,  meet at least once a week to discuss new product ideas and development, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of you, our customer. And it is this process that sets Rothco apart from the rest. We are the ONLY company that puts out two publications a year, full of new and exciting military, tactical and outdoor gear and apparel. 

Rothco's New Bags are ready for their closeup

The before shot

In talking with some of the sales team they have said how amazed they are at the amount of new product lines we are carrying this year. From a full-line of Paracord rope and accessories to over 8 different color Paracord bracelets. In addition to that we have added new Rothco Exclusive Military Graphic Tee's, Canvas Bags and Backpacks. And let's not forget about our new B.D.U's and combat shirts. This year Rothco has more colors and style choices than you can imagine!
Lights, Camera Action! 
Beside Rothco's catalog offering more product than ever before. This year Rothco has updated some of our product shots, giving you a chance to see more image details and product functions in the catalog and online at

Right now as I write this, our art department is in its first round of routing, as process in which they review the order of the items and pages. After about 2-3 rounds of this, the catalog is then set off to pagination for another review and then it is off to the printer. The process of laying out the new catalog with all the new product was started back in April and to think in a few short months, Rothco was able to put together a whole new catalog with thousands of products is amazing! 

I know I am excited to see the final product, in all it's 300 page glory! 

Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

New Product Flyer 
New product flyer

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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Rothco Review: Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Item# 9867 Coyote Special OPs Tac Soft Shell Jacket
Get an in-depth look at one of Rothco's MUST HAVES in your winter arsenal, our Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Durable, lightweight and breathable. Made from 100% waterproof polyester shell this jacket has a 3 layer construction that deflects wind, wicks away moisture and retains body heat. 

The component of the radically updated, Gen III, Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System (ECWCS), is the 5th level of a seven layer system. The system provides seven layers of protective clothing to allow soldiers to train and function in a variety of combat conditions. It is designed to be used in temperature ranges from -40 to + 60 degrees, in wind, wet, or freezing conditions. The 
Item # 9767 Black Special Ops Tactical Soft-shell Jacket
ECWCS is designed to allow a soldier to use any combination of layers to suite the condition's he or she may encounter. Among all of jackets, the soft shell provides an enormous amount of versatility for a wide range of conditions. Being highly water repellent, constructed with 4 way stretchable polyester, the garment features excellent breath-ability, with is enhanced by the under arm zipped vents, and two way zipper. Thongs on all of the zippers make theme easy to grab while wearing gloves. There is a stow-way hood with draw string perimeter which tucks into the collar, and a barrel-locked elastic draw cord at the hem and hook and loop closures at the wrist to seal out drafts. The pocketing features two inside zipper pockets, two vertical zippered pockets on the chest, two on the bicep, and one on the left forearm. Additionally there is two 

Features of the Jacket
large lower back storage sleeve accessible on either side via two vertical zippers. 

Since the material is light weight, repels water, yet is breathable, and retains body heat, it is one of the most popular garments with action sports, and outdoor enthusiasts! This blend of features offers these same advantages to uniformed personnel as well!

On truly cold days, this jacket can be layered over a polar-fleece, and for soaking wet or extreme wind conditions the jacket will serve as a intermediate layer just under a water-proof and breathable outer shell garment (like our Hyvat parkas). This provides an extreme amount of versatility, light weight, and its easily packable. 

Soldiers testimonials have indicated that the Gen III system has allowed our war-fighters to remain virtually motionless in the extremely harsh conditions of the mountains of Afghanistan. This enable them to wait out their enemy, which served to our advantage! The soft shell jacket, being on of the most versatile garments in this system. 

By Hans Blechschmidt

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rothco Insider: Meet a New Member of the Rothco Team

Rothco wants to give you an inside scoop on what's going on behind the scenes. First in an ongoing series on the Camobloge's "Rothco Insider" is, well it's about me, Kristy Dineen the new Digital Marketing Manger here at Rothco

Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager

If you are a Fan of Rothco's Fan Page, follow us on Twitter or a member of the Distributor group, you probably have seen me post a thing or two million. As part of my responsibilities here at Rothco, the world's foremost supplier of military gear and outdoor clothing, is handling all the social media for the company. Additionally, my tasks include managing all online content; from Google Ad Words to Search Engine Optimization of

My Desk Buddy called the "butt station"
I am extremely excited to be here at Rothco, I can't believe that I have already been here for over three months now, time really does fly. I am excited to learn about everything Rothco has to offer. From B.D.U's, A.C.U's, Airsoft gear, camping gear, military gear, to tactical gear and the list goes on and on. The best part about my job is that everything I learn about Rothco, I get to share with you, the fan. 

I have been in the marketing field since graduating from College at SUNY Stony Brook in 2004. Since then I have seen my profession evolve with the times. From the basics of the 4 P's to SEO & SEM, the digital marketing field is always changing. And so is Rothco, this year alone our 2012 Catalog will be setting new records by having 300 pages of Military, Outdoor and Tactical gear, our biggest issue yet!

And I can't wait to share it all with you. Up next in the Rothco Insider you will get an never before seen look at our 155,000 sq. foot state-of -the art warehouse and how we put a 300 page catalog all together.

Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Rothco

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Friday, July 01, 2011

A Kansas State of Mind

Store front of Patriot Outfitters
Rothco sales on the road...This time our story takes us to Kansas with Hans.

This spring I got the chance to visit the great state of Kansas and the many Rothco Retailers in there. With over 20 years in this business, I never get tired of visiting and learning the history of these stores. Behind each door is a great story. 

Rothco Bags from floor to ceiling!
My first stop on the trip was to Patriot Outfitters, which is a chain of 25 stores including their website. I visited there stores outside Ft. Riley. It has been amazing to see their phenomenal growth in the past couple years. The store has grown so much since their days as a small kiosk inside the PX of Fort Riley.

When I asked them what stands out about Rothco they said "Our service: It is second to none." And some of their favorite Rothco products to carry include our ACU stools, Berets, Microfiber towels and the ever popular Shemaghs. In short anything that makes a soldiers life easier and more convenient. 

 The best part of this trip was when Joe the head buy for Patriot Outfitters was able to get me into FT. Riley PX as his guest because which was great because they normally don't let civilians in there. I was amazed at the rules and regulations they must function under even as a mall store. 

Wow! Now that's a Paracord section.

Another stop on my trip was to one our oldest and most established accounts in the area, Mickey's Army Navy, located in Kansas City, Ks. 

Established in 1953, Mickey's A&N currently has three generations working in the store! You would be amazed at the stuff they have on display at their store; from old jeeps to a couple of de-milled 500 lb. bombs on their sales floor! I can say that their displays are truly out of this world because they even have an Astronaut's space suit! I was some amazed by this, I even forgot to take a picture! Well, maybe next time. 

Kansas Store Displays
Mickey's A&N is a very diverse store selling everything from ammo to Paracord. Their favorite Rothco items to carry include our very popular Paracord, kid's clothes and Rothco's Vintage Shorts. And they love how fast, friendly and efficient our customer service is. 

Mickey's A&N was truly a fun place to visit. A special thanks to  Micky, Julie and Abby (the 3 generations of owners) who really made me feel at home. 

I made several other visits on my trip to Kansas and have more stories than I can put into words. I would like to thank all the stores I visited for opening your doors and welcoming me in. Can't wait for the next visit.

Hans Blechschmidt, Sales Manager @ Rothco