Friday, April 15, 2011

Rothco Raises Money for Relief in Japan

As news of the devastation in Japan started filtering in last months, our thoughts and prayers went out to the people of Japan. This is especially true given our decades-long relationships with our customers in Japan. In fact, I had just returned from there a few weeks ago and spent time with my good friend Morito of Ixis Corp located in Fukushima. Each year he brings me a special gift of Mamador bean cakes and I bring them home to my children. They know Morito as the "Mamador Man" and they are so grateful for these wonderful treats.

My friend Morito of Ixis Corp visits with me at Tokyo Big Site
Sadly, Fukushima was one of the hardest hit areas in Japan. My friend, Morito lost his warehouse and is now rebuilding. When I found this out a few days after the crisis, I worked together with the ROTHCO team to see how we could help.

And that is when the employees of ROTHCO decided to work together to raise money for the Save the Children “Japan Children in Emergency” Fund. Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children around the world. Through employee contributions and a generous donation by ROTHCO ownership, we are proud to say that collectively ROTHCO has raised around $4000 to donate to this important cause. In addition, we took our cause viral by encouraging our over 10,000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers to donate as well. With a disaster of the this magnitude every bit helps!

Our friends at Via Transports. Yukari is 2nd from left.
As great as a donation of money can be, we sometimes forget about the small essentials in life like clean socks and underwear. One of my clients and good friends, Yukari of Via Transports lives in Tokyo and has family in Fukushima. She told us “one of the most things they are in need is clothes especially socks and underwear because power and water are still cut and they cannot even wash their clothes.” And that is why in addition to the Save the Children Fund, ROTHCO has decided to donate over a $1000 worth of ROTHCO socks and underwear to the people of Japan.

Remember it is not too late for you can donate as well, Click on the link below to be directed to Save the Children “Japan Children in Emergency” Fund.

John Ottaviano

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