Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Iphone, Verizon, ROTHCO? What's the connection?

As we get closer to the big release of Verizon's new iPhone from Apple the news is, that all pre-orders are sold. This was predictable but, it was used to gauge the scope of this release & the demand on the day of the release. Already, long lines are anticipated. Regardless of the weather, all old & new fans will be camped out waiting for their new gadget. At this point, ROTHCO enters the conversation. Weather! Weather will be a factor for many stores expecting long lines and there is an anticipated storm in the south/southeast. Click here for weather chart.

With the iPhone 4 explosion hitting Verizon Wireless tomorrow, it also hit Rothco in a big way. On Friday we received two orders related to the hysteria:

An order for 1440 pair of Rothco’s Black Wool Fingerless Gloves to be distributed to the Apple stores in time for the launch. As you know, these gloves are the official military touch screen glove. We also received another order for 40,000 of Rothco’s Emergency Ponchos that were shipped to Verizon stores in the Southeast, presumably for customers waiting in line for their new Verizon iPhones.

ROTHCO products have been used with Apple© products and other high tech devices for a long time now.

Keep up with us, as we match our products with Smart devices and you'll see that ROTHCO is ahead of the curve with classic gear & apparel.

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