Monday, January 03, 2011

Don't Panic!!!

Rothco Dealers: I just read this very interesting article in MR Magazine on price increases and delivery issues that are confronting the apparel industry everywhere. It makes the same great points that I have made previously about the value of clothing. BDU's for instance, were over $30.00 retail in the late 80s and today they cost only $24.99. Prices will continue to increase and factories will be delivering more slowly but Rothco's huge commitment to inventory will lessen the impact and will greatly increase the chances that we will have goods in stock compared to other sources for clothing, both military and commercial.

So fear not, dealers, Rothco will have plenty of inventory and we will do our best to phase price increases gradually. In the meantime, just remember the good old days when prices were higher! vendors.

John Ottaviano

P.S. "Don't Panic" is the key phrase in one of the most entertaining and enlightening series of books I have ever read, The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. I would definitely seek out the marvels by Douglas Adams, a great laugh and great lessons to be learned.

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