Friday, December 30, 2011

A Rothco Video Review With Hans On Rothco's Gen III Polar Fleece Liner

Rothco's Gen III Polar Fleece Liner

Get an inside look at one of our most popular new cold weather items the Gen III Polar Fleece Jacket/ Liner with Hans Blechschmidt. The Gen III / Level 3 ECWCS Polar fleece Jacket is available in 3 colors including Foliage Green, Coyote Brown and Black from S to 3XL. You can view Rothco's entire line of military outerwear here and to view the Foliage Green Gen III Polar Fleece Jacket from the video click here


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Special Holiday Message from Rothco

From everyone here at Rothco, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday and joyous New Year! 

 Click Above for a Special Holiday Greeting 
From  Rothco's Founder Milton Somberg and 
President Howard Somberg.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis' The Season for Rothco to Give Back

In Lieu of Printed Holiday Cards - Rothco Sends Out
Digital Cards in Memory of Marc Somberg
As another year comes to a close and the holiday season kicks into full gear, Rothco likes to remember that this is the season for giving back. Throughout the year Rothco makes contributions to several charities but it is during the holiday season when everyone here at Rothco contributes. Each year, during this season, Rothco chooses several charities to sponsor, they must be directly related to helping children and in most cases (except for Operation Smile) they must be local and grass roots.  Everyone at Rothco takes great pleasure in donating to these causes because most of them are locally based and we get the opportunity to see the wonderful work they do for our communities.
Because What's Christmas Without
Toy's Under the Tree!

This year we are excited to report that through employee donations, Rothco's corporate matching program and the money we save by sending e-cards instead of printed cards in memory of Marc Somberg, Rothco was able to donate over $40,000!!!  That money will be put to great use and will be donated to 7 different charitable causes. For 2011 the charities Rothco will be donating to include:
  • The Hope House Ministries - Provides housing and counseling for at risk youth
  • Operation Smile - An organization that provides surgery to correct cleft palates in children around the world
  • Pronto - Provides services, food and housing to the Hispanic Community
  • Witness Housing - An organization that sponsors families in need to pay for housing and other costs of living
  • Our Daily Bread - A soup kitchen
    Christmas Magic -
    A organization that provides gifts of food, toys and clothing for the less fortunate
 In addition to monetary contributions, Rothco also participates in an annual holiday toy drive. This year we have already filled the box over 3 times! And from the several peeks I have taken, there looks to be some pretty cool gifts inside and will make for some very happy kids. But giving doesn't start there; during Thanksgiving Rothco employees will also donate their holiday Turkeys to local food kitchens and churches instead of taking them for themselves. 
Gobble Gobble!
You can read more about the charities Rothco participates in by visiting the about us page at I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy holiday! 

By Kristy Dineen

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Monday, December 05, 2011

Army-Navy: More Than Just a Game

Dating back to 1890, the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen have met every December (with a few exceptions) to clash horns and decides who claims bragging rights for toughest football team.  The history and tradition of the game makes no other rivalry in sports come close to comparing.   The array of patriotism and school spirit displayed by these two schools is an amazing inspiration.

The rivalry between the two academies, while friendly, is intense.  One week before the football game in 1953, the first reported kidnapping of “Bill the Goat” was announced.  A group of West Point Cadets snuck onto Annapolis campus with the help of a West Point foreign exchange student who lived at the Naval Academy.  After finding Bill behind the stadium, the cadets put the goat in the back of their convertible.  However, when taking Bill back to campus their cover was blown when Bill’s horns ripped through the roof of the car.  When they returned back to West Point with the goat they presented him to Army’s boisterous dinnertime pep rally.  Once the Navy midshipmen found out about the news they refused to go to class until the goat was returned.  The goat's return was ordered by officials from West Point as well as President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Army Slotback Patrick Mealy runs the ball in the second quarter.
"While we will be the fiercest of rivals on Saturday, it's a great rivalry because ultimately it's founded on respect. We respect one another at the institutional level and the individual level," said U.S. Military Academy Head Coach Rich Ellerson.
To this date, because of the tradition of the game it remains nationally televised.  Most of these players will not be moving onto a professional sports team.  The two teams play for the love of the game and the honor of their schools and country.  Every college football player has a goal to reach the NFL, but the players on these two teams have far different goals then all the other players in the nation.  After graduating they will proceed with the commitments they made to serve their country, and it is this fact that makes this game so great.

The game is especially emotional to the seniors on the team because it will typically be their last competitive football game of their careers.  During wartime the game is even more emotional, as some seniors will not return once they are deployed.
Weeks before kickoff, men and women of the Army and Navy display their school spirit with Go Army and Go Navy rants.  Posters and banners will be hung at the respective campuses this time of the year.  Now-a-days they even post comical videos online to cheer on their schools which are called “spirit spots.”  To the right is an Army spirit spot video where some soldiers kidnap Bill the Goat and serve him for dinner.

Whether you like watching football or not, you should tune in to watch the pageantry and tradition of the game.  It’s patriotism at its purest!  Can't wait to watch the game this Saturday!

Go Navy!

Peter Azzarone @ Rothco

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rothco's YouTube Booty Camp Video Collection

Rothco's  line of Booty Camp Shorts is perfect for anyone, from Woodland Camo and Pink Camo "Booty Camp Shorts"  too our Smokey Branch "Wild Game" Short, you bet your bottom we've got you covered! And you can view the entire collection in one of our most recent video highlighting the line.

And be sure to check back with Rothco soon because in 2012 we will be expanding our Booty Camp Short line. 

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Military and Tactical Teams Going Green to Lose Weight!

Solar panels like this can provide power for more than 17 computers and 15 lighting units.
Energy. Whether you are a soldier on a critical mission, a traveler in Europe or hiker in the woods, we all need energy to keep our modern devices going. Military personnel in particular have tremendous needs for energy, whether it is fuel for their vehicles and generators or batteries for all the high-tech communication devices they use, energy takes up a tremendous amount of space and weight in the pack of each individual soldier or the fuel convoys that are used to carry the energy needs of a troop.

With that in mind, the U.S. Air Force has begun to use biofuels in their planes according to a Bloomberg report,
and the U.S. Marines are testing solar power to replace the batteries and generators they lug all over Iraq and Afghanistan, most with positive results according to NPR.

Rothco's Multi-Funtion Solar Panel always handy on my dashboard
Rothco has been carrying hand-crank and solar-powered flashlights, lanterns and chargers for almost 4 years now and sales just keep on growing. I've personally become quite fond of my Rothco Multi-Functional Solar Panel for charging my iPhone and iPod. It's large 6 1/2" x 5" screen quickly charges a power cell that can be used to give a good, quick charge to any cell phone or iPod. I attached this to my backpack when we traveled in Spain and it kept my iPhone will charged while we used it as a GPS device and travel guide. I even keep the solar panel charging on my dashboard in my car so that I can just grab the fully-charged lithium ion power cell whenever my phone battery is low. Just last Friday night I was at a small club show watching one of my favorite artists from back in the day, Wreckless Eric. I really wanted to record him playing is big hit "Whole Wide World" but my iPhone was low on juice. The trusty power cell from my solar charger gave me more than enough power to record the song and even get an ID for the radio station I DJ for.

Rothco's Newest Solar Lantern Coming Early 2012
Over the last several months, between Hurricane Irene and the recent early October snowfall here in the northeast, we've had a ton of power outages. Sales of our new LED Solar/Handcrank Lantern were very brisk especially as the outages lasted more than a week in some areas. Folks were able to keep informed of the latest news and weather developments with our Solar/Wind Up Radio. We carry smaller cellphone chargers and flashlights, too.

Pictured here is our latest lantern, a jumbo LED lantern powered by solar or handcrank. We're also working on a solar flashlight/radio combo and a solar "blanket" that can be used to power a small laptop for next year. All these items will allow our customers access to light, radio, cell phones, etc. anywhere there is sun. While there may not be as much sun here in the Northeast as in Iraq or Afghanistan, there's plenty here to keep our gadgets going.

John Ottaviano

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Rothco's Vintage Apparel Appeal

A classic M65 Jacket
From the streets to the runways, vintage military fashion has really taken hold and Rothco is leading the pack!

A day does not go by when I do not see people incorporating the classic look of military apparel into their everyday style. From a classic M-65 Field Jacket to a Fatigue Cap. Military is becoming more and more important in the world of fashion and vintage apparel and accessories has become more important than ever.

For spring Rothco's vintage M65 Field Pants as well as Rothco's eight pocket Paratrooper Fatigues proved to be true staples.  Billy from Dr. Jay's said "If you want classic American vintage, Rothco is your best bet."
Tiger Style!
Rothco's Tiger Stripe Fatigue Pan

While walking the trade show's in New York City recently, I came across several companies who were showing their versions of military fatigues as high as $80 to $120 wholesale! The best part about my encounter with these companies is that, while they were showing their companies fatigues on the floor of the show, they were actually wearing Rothco's fatigues themselves, a true testament to the value and authenticity of a pair of Rothco vintage fatigue pants.

O.D Vintage Rothco
Paratrooper Fatigue
Casey from Shelmar said "I've been working with many smaller trendy companies and I keep on seeing their version of military apparel and Rothco often comes up as their inspiration" Casey then contacted Rothco to buy the original.

They say intimation is the sincerest form flattery, then boy are we flattered! In a recent trip to a major department store in NYC (I will hide their identity for the sake of this blog but let's just say... It was a true miracle on 34th Street!)  I came across their private label collection, which was a mixture of denim and vintage military apparel and accessories. And it was real easy to see Rothco's Vintage Clothing was a huge inspiration to their line of apparel.

While fashion companies are always changing with the seasons and whats trendy at the moment. From our Vintage Paratrooper Fatigue Pants and Shorts to our Vintage Shirts and Outwear. At Rothco we stay true to our roots making timeless, vintage clothing that transcends fads and offers classic, lasting quality and appeal.

By Darin Kaye

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's A Zombie Eat Zombie World Out There

Image via our friends at
Friedman’s Army Navy in Nashville
Rothco's Blog of the Living Dead...
In honor of this most horrifying holiday, a day when the dead can walk freely, I figure it would be an appropriate time to cover how to survive a zombie apocalypse. 
So what does one do, when the dead rise from the ground? Flight or Fight?  I say fight, from all the movies like Night of the Living Dead or TV shows like The Walking Dead, it doesn't look like there are many places to hide because they are everywhere.
But whatever your choice is, it's important you be prepared! Lucky for me, I am walking distance from a 155,000 square foot warehouse full of all the supplies I would need to fend off a zombie attack. For everyone else a well equipped Army/Navy store should do the trick.
18" Field Machete a.k.a
The Zombie Decapitator
The first and most important items on my Zombie prep list would be....WEAPONS. A key to anyone's  survival is to be able to protect yourself. First of of course would be a gun and as much ammo I could carry, the next item up for grabs would be a nice Machete, this item is perfect for swinging away at a crowd full of zombie attackers. Speaking of knives, in any survival situation one should never be without a good Survival Knife, the one I am going with not only includes a two knives but also a fishing line and hook, compass, signal mirror and bandages.
Perfect for protecting those
hungry brain eaters
I am not sure how useful the bandages will be though...those zombie bites seem to be pretty lethal. I don't think there's enough Neosporin in the world to help me out with that infection. 
Next on the list is some riot gear, Rothco's Anti-Riot Helmet and Anti-Riot Shield are a must. And if the Zombie apocalypse doesn't come, These items are also helpful if I ever decided to occupy Wall St.

My other thought was, when I am not fighting or running from zombies it would be important to have a good lookout. Zombies may be slow but you never know when one will be sneaking up on you. That's why I will make sure I have a awesome pair of night vision goggles. And while I am stocking up on electronics a good solar light and charger would be key. From whats depicted in the movies our electrical systems won't last very long and gasoline will be sparse. Solar charges like likes these will come in very handy.

And of course there's the kick-ass outfit, every great zombie fighter needs a good durable outfit. A must in anyone's arsenal would be a good pair of Combat Boots, a leather jacket with a collar to protect against bites and a pair of Rothco's EMT pants, I went with these because they are coated to repel blood and fluids and since it seems the zombie virus is spread through blood contact, I think these pants are a MUST. And let's not forget gloves, Rothco' Tactical Gloves are perfect not only are they cut resistant but also feature a hard knuckle, perfect for protecting your hands.
The Perfect
Zombie Fighting Glove

Other important items include some MRE's, Cash, clean socks, and my iPhone. Who knows maybe someone will invent an app for killing zombies.

And now I think I am ready to fight! For more information on how to protect yourself in a Zombie attack the nice folks over at the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) also came up with a nice "How to Survive Site" and you wonder what your tax dollars today are going towards!

Well Good Luck! 
Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

Friday, October 21, 2011

The History of Camo Part II... The Attack of The U.S Camo

Rothco's Woodland Camo on display
Who said sequels where never as good as the original???
When we last left off Camouflage has just made its way to all the major countries entrenched in warfare. By the early 1900's countries from France to the U.S had set up departments solely for the study and development of camo.  These new camouflage departments consisted of artists, designers and architectures all working to design better camouflage patterns. And by 1917 the word camouflage was added to the English language. It's hard to believe that the word "camouflage" has only been around for less than 100 years.

"There must be something intriguing about the word camouflage" an officer told Time Magazine in 1942
How the Leopard Got His Spots
And how true he was... With camouflage patterns becoming mass produced you began to see the variations of patterns become more prevalent during World War II. At first the patterning was uncommon, and a sign of an elite unit. But by 1942 General Douglas MacArthur actually demanded 150,000 jungle camouflage uniforms for his units. And by 1944 U.S troops were spotted on the shores of Normandy it what was known as "frog skin"/"leopard spot" patterns.  But this pattern didn't last long, due to similarities to German Waffen SS troops, which lead to confusion and friendly fire. Remnants of the leopard pattern where later adapted by the USMC special units (which later evolve into the Navy SEALS). These spotted uniforms where even used by Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. 

As the U.S entered in to the Vietnam War, U.S troops began to adopt the pattern know as "Tigerstripe" this pattern was also known as the "John Wayne pattern" because it was featured in one of his movies during the time. The crazy thing about this pattern is that while troops were wearing it, the Tigerstrip patter was never an officially government issued pattern. And now 40 years later we are seeing a resurgence in this classic pattern - most recently featured by Converse in their new Chuck Taylor's or Rothco's Vintage Tigerstripe Fatigue Pants

M81 Woodland
By the '80's the U.S had reached the next stage in the camo evolution or as I would like to call it  "camolution" by developing what is known as M81 Woodland pattern, born out of an Enlarged version of the ERDL Leaf camouflage pattern. The enlargement of the design represented a shift in military tactics from the closed range combat of Vietnam to more distant fighting. Of all the patterns I would have to say this one is my fav! A true classic, whose design elements can be seen from the theater of war to the fashion runways of Milan and Paris.

Yummy Desert Digital!
It's very clear to see how the location of the war effects the development of the Uniform. During the Gulf war, America move toward desert camouflage patterns. First was, what was known as the "chocolate chip" pattern. And I can say that after starring at this pattern for a while it does give me a strange craving for some cookie dough ice cream! Then staying on the food track was the next design now as the DCU [Desert Camouflage Uniform] or otherwise known as the "coffee stain" pattern. Not sure what's up with all the food references but I am pretty sure the last thing I want to be thinking about while engaged in battle is how hungry my uniform makes me.
ACU Digital Rothco T

Digital...Digital...Digital... I think we can leave this one for another time.

Till next time ~ Kristy Dineen

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rothco's Vintage Military T-Shirts

From Camouflage T-shirts to Military inspired graphics these stylish, classic and comfortable Rothco's Vintage military t-shirts are perfect for everyone. There are so many great t-shirts its hard for me to pick a favorite!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rothco's Think Pink Army Marches into the Month of October

Pink it's Just not a Color Anymore...
"I wear the hat every day"
Pink is a color that inspires hope and courage in millions of people and brings unity to a courageous battle and in a sea of green camo, it is the one the few colors that stands out here at Rothco

Did you know that Rothco has a full line of Pink Camouflage and Pink Military Merchandise? From Camouflage B.D.U pants and Pink Camouflage Shirts too Pink Padlocks and Flashlights, Rothco's Army of Pink is ready to fight! 

Rothco proudly supports many charities one of them being the Babylon Breast Cancer Collation with proceeds of our Black Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon going to this charity. This Vintage Rothco Fatigue Cap has helped us raise thousands of dollars, all of which was donated to the BBCC. And even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Rothco runs this charity all year long.  

The best thing about all our pink gear, besides helping a worthy cause, is seeing it inspire people who fight this disease. Recently I came across an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal entitled "Warrior Attitude Inspired Summerlin Area Women During Breast Cancer Treatment" and saw this women decked out head to toe in Rothco's Pink Camo Gear. 
Vintage Adjustable Fatigue Cap
With Pink Strips & Breast Cancer Ribbon

The story went on to talk about how her pink camo outfit gave Cathy hope. In the article, Cathy the women pictured above, dressed all in pink camo, husband a former Marine was the one who purchased the Pink Camouflage for her. In the article he said "I got her the whole outfit, and it gave her hope" 

Sometimes a color is more that a color and sometime I simple piece of clothing can inspire you. It's great to see that happen here! Cathy will being wearing her inspirational pink camo outfit during a local 5k fun walk - I wish her the best of luck during her walk and fight against cancer. 

Even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, that doesn't mean you can't support this great cause everyday because Pink is in season all year round! And people like Cathy fight Cancer everyday, so show your support by wearing pink or donating to a worthy cause and join in the Army to fight cancer. 

~ Kristy Dineen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Rothco

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rothco's Monster Mashup of the Best Halloween Costumes!

Zeek the Zombie Hunter
Halloween is a great escape and a chance to be something or someone you're not, ever wanted to be a solider or crime fighting machine? Well Halloween is your day and Rothco's got the costume!
PriceGrabber, a part of Experian, just released the results of its Halloween shopping survey, revealing that 53 percent of consumers will spend $50 or more on a costume this year. Halloween has become a $5 billion a year business! And each and every year costumes before more and more elaborate.

Halloween is approaching soon and before you start stocking up on candy, you will need to get yourself an awesome Halloween costume! Gone are the traditional customs like a ghost and vampires and in are ZOMBIE Hunters and Heroic NAVY SEALS!
A Winning Costume!

Rothco has developed some interesting and creative costumes to keep within budget for men, women, children and infants. The theme for this year is Zombies, Navy Seal hero outfits, and Charlie Sheen. Below is a list of costumes ideas for 2011.

For Men, Swamp Thing, Jailhouse Prisoner, Top Gun, Police Officer, US Soldier, Swat Officer, Border Patrol, Sheriff, Zombie Hunter, just to name a few ideas.

To get the
Hot Shots / Charlie Sheen costume all you need is:

For Women Top Gun, Army Babe, US Soldier, Sailor Pin Up Girl, and a lady of the law. To put together the perfect ARMY Babe outfit you will need the following items:

For Youth and Infant: Because every kid deserves the best Halloween costume out there, Rothco has put together a list of the top children's costumes. Including the Kids Top Gun, Kids Pilot, US Soldier, Marine, SWAP Thing, SWAT Officer, Infant Soldier. Want to make your kid an official swat officer on Halloween then make sure you have these items from Rothco's children's collection.
We all know Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. Its a chance for kids to run around town hopped up on sugar and for adults a chance to play dress up for a night. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween - Treat or Treat!

ToniMarie Anselmo

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Rothco Review: Our Vintage Bag Collection

Rothco's Israeli Paratrooper Shoulder Bag item # 8128
From the classic Messenger Bags to the Vintage Canvas Flight Bags, Rothco's Vintage Bag collection has become a must have accessory in today's fashion world. The collection of bags is fun, fashionable and versatile. There aren't many bags out there that can be seen from classroom to a boardroom but Rothco's can! From a book bag like our European Rucksack for school to a guy in a "suit and tie" who is looking to boost his style with a classic Messenger Bag; Rothco's Vintage Bag Collection in perfect for anyone. 

G.I Style Helmet Bat Item # 2449
Not only are these bags fashionable for everyone but they are highly functional as well. A majority of our bags offer both interior and exterior pockets, for example our M-51 Engineers Bag a.k.a "the ultimate carry-all for business and travel" offers dozens of compartments, pouches, and pen folder, storm flap, cell phone pouch and much more and is perfect for anyone on the go. A majority of all our vintage bags have at more than 4 compartments, which makes them so useful and practical. And a lot of the bags have padded straps and handles, this way when you fill them full of stuff you won't hurt your back or shoulder.
Vintage Backpack item #9162
Spotted on TV

The most amazing thing about our bags is that I've seen them everywhere, from the streets of New York City to small screen. Most recently you can spot Rothco's Vintage Mini "Star" Backpack on ABC Family's, the Lying Game as seen in the picture on the left.

  I have also seen people take our vintage bags like the Musette Bag and use our canvas bags like they would a canvas piece of art. Checkout (picture on the right) how someone took inspiration from the hit books the Hunger Games and created a bag all their own. Rothco has also started added some embellishment to our own bags, like our Vintage Pathfinder Laptop Bag, which not only has a leather bottom but leather accents as well.

Rothco's line of vintage bags is constantly expanding, just today in our product meeting we talked about adding new colors to some of our classic bags, I am pretty sure that in a few month's I will be writing another blog on our ever expanding collection!

More Rothco Bags Spotted on the Streets -
Make sure to follow us on
Facebook to see all the photo's we find
~Kristy Dineen