Friday, December 10, 2010

ROTHCO M51 Engineers Field Bag

Here is a reminder of how versatile this bag is. Always remember the plurality of ROTHCO products.
Since bags like this have been used in the field to fill the carrying needs of a soldier, it fills the needs of any civilian, student or casual businessman very easily. I use it everyday to carry my laptop, notepads, iPad and all my paperwork and accessories.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010



The ROTHCO marketing dept. is creating a huge line of short videos to showcase the many different products we have to offer. As we begin to upload these to Youtube and other sites, they will begin to get ranking inside places like Google.
Airsoft Fleece Caps
(see our video at the top of 2 million results)

We are beginning a process to offer these videos to our distributors so they may use in promoting these products for your store. We will be providing a short tutorial on how to present, post, embed and brand for your business.
Attention: all distributors. Please join our new distributor group on Facebook to find out more.
Email: to be included.

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