Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paracord Projects

"Each time a knot is made it is to remember our fallen heroes. The colors represent the deployment colors and the button is to represent the uniform we wear. The clasped bracelet resembles the circle of friends that is never broken"

-Author Unknown

Also called parachute cord serve as the suspension lines of parachutes. They are usually made of nylon - the same material used in ordinary ropes - but are specially constructed to make them tougher, thicker, and less prone to tearing and rotting.

Paracord can and is being used to make bracelets, anklets, key chains as well as a variety of protection tools. The meaning of the paracord bracelet is up to you. It can show your support for our troops, a favorite sports team, a personal cause or even your favorite colors..... 2 weeks ago one of our salespersons and her children participated in a NEDA Walk, once they arrived her 9 year old daughter saw that the colors representing the event were light blue, she immediately thought of making Paracord bracelets to help support the cause. All ages are picking up on the concept.

As you search in Google, you'll find dozens of projects that are being created using paracord. You'll also be able to go to Youtube and see many tutorials to help create different products.

Be inventive and creative with any paracord project. Try to match your project with an event or cause. Lastly, don't forget if you ever need some rope, you'll have it right on your wrist.

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