Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rothco's Inaugural Partner Profile - Abraham Perkowski,

Out in Style Headquarters, Brooklyn, NY
Interestingly enough, Abraham Perkowski started off his business, Out in Style, as a hobby. In 1994, back in the days before Ebay and Amazon, he started a website (yes, there were a few websites back then) with only a few dozen items, just to see what might come of it. Fortunately, this experiment turned into a success.

There were obstacles along the way. Many new businesses began with the same ideas as Abe’s, and, as the competition grew. More “basement websites” opened and who competed on price alone. Out in Style prides itself on their customer service. Close personal attention is given to each and every order. All orders ship within one business day and are reviewed by a minimum of two supervisors, and every customer is assigned a personal salesperson regardless of dollar amount. Over the years, Out in Style has learned what their customers are looking for and they do their best to provide exactly that.

“We are still old school,” says Abe, “but we have hired a new social marketing team that will focus on Twitter and Facebook. We will also be launching new Amazon and eBay stores to increase our sales.” Though they are taking steps to keep up with today’s market, Abe and Out in Style still maintain the personal experiences and relationships that customers have valued for years.

I can personally say that as one of Abe’s largest suppliers and partners, his patronage and the close professional relationship that we have developed with each other is quite rare. The value I have for my relationship with Abe goes well beyond the business aspect. I have been to some of Abe’s family events and have learned so much about him, his family, his faith and his patriotism. These things, which are so important to him, shine through in the way he conducts himself in all of his relationships and the integrity he exhibits in all of his actions.

Abraham Perkowski receives an Award of Appreciation from Commissioner Kelly
Out In Style was featured in the Wall Street Journal in January 2001 and voted Best Online Clothing Store by Time Out New York magazine . Furthermore, Out in Style regularly donates their extra inventory to charities and has donated tremendous amounts of gear to soldiers in times of need. Abe personally volunteers many hours daily for the Hatzalah Ambulance Company, something he’s done now for over 20 years. Abe’s passion for service was evidenced by work his work at Ground Zero on 9/11 where he spent the entire first night. He also works very closely with the NYPD terrorist task force and received an appreciation award from then-Commissioner Ray Kelly for helping solve a terrorist incident that took place in New York City on May 4, 2005. Out in Style is not just a company that is important to the industry, but to the community around it as well.

Abe is also part of an international group of volunteers called (H.E.A.R.T.) that travels to Israel during war times. He participates in helping ambulances while the regular paramedics fight in the army over there. When doing this he can often be found helping the sick and elderly or heading down to the battlefield and “war zones” to distribute free cigarettes, thousands of pairs of free thermal underwear and other donated material to the soldiers risking their lives. On more than one occasion Abe has been within feet of a landing SCUD missile and other attacks Many times he was awakened by Air Raid Sirens and given less than 30 seconds to get out of bed (and grab his ever-present Blackberry) and rush to shelter for safety. Despite this, he would not hesitate to go again if called upon.

“Out In Style credits Rothco entirely with its success- a true partner since day one,” says Abe. “Although we have extremely close relationships with ALL of our vendors, not one comes close to the warmth and personal dedication that Rothco has shown over the past years. Our relationship has always been one of family. I always have and will continue to invite my “brothers and sisters” at Rothco to my personal family Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings. The bond and friendship we share is beyond words.”

Rothco is extremely excited at beginning this monthly series of profiles of our top dealers. It is personally extremely gratifying to make Abraham Perkowski and Out in Style the very first! They are outstanding partners and leaders in our industry!

John Ottaviano

Director of Sales & Marketing


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