Monday, April 12, 2010

Attention Rothco Partners: Rothco Releases its first YouTube Video Just For You!

It's getting better all the time. Better, better, better. - The Beatles

Every day at Rothco, we are constantly striving to do things a little bit better than we did the day, week, month or year before. We are constantly looking at the innovations developed in the world around us and seeing how we can incorporate those to better serve our partners. We have been very early adopters of the internet, email, blogging, Facebook,Twitter B2B order systems, the latest computer technology, the latest product innovations, etc.

Today we are taking our first step into the realm of product video productions with Hans Blechschmidt's presentation of  Rothco's Medium Transport Pack . This is one of our more popular packs with lots of great features which are hard to fully describe on a two-dimensional catalog or web page, so we are trying to provide greater detail in this video. We welcome your feedback and suggestions so our next video, featuring Rothco's brand new Move Out Tactical Bag can be even better. Please email me with any suggested changes or additions we can make to our next video presentation.

Please feel free to embed this video onto your own web sites or into a promotional email to help you sell more of these bags. Like I said, we're trying to get just a little bit better all the time.

John Ottaviano

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