Friday, December 10, 2010

ROTHCO M51 Engineers Field Bag

Here is a reminder of how versatile this bag is. Always remember the plurality of ROTHCO products.
Since bags like this have been used in the field to fill the carrying needs of a soldier, it fills the needs of any civilian, student or casual businessman very easily. I use it everyday to carry my laptop, notepads, iPad and all my paperwork and accessories.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010



The ROTHCO marketing dept. is creating a huge line of short videos to showcase the many different products we have to offer. As we begin to upload these to Youtube and other sites, they will begin to get ranking inside places like Google.
Airsoft Fleece Caps
(see our video at the top of 2 million results)

We are beginning a process to offer these videos to our distributors so they may use in promoting these products for your store. We will be providing a short tutorial on how to present, post, embed and brand for your business.
Attention: all distributors. Please join our new distributor group on Facebook to find out more.
Email: to be included.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paracord Projects

"Each time a knot is made it is to remember our fallen heroes. The colors represent the deployment colors and the button is to represent the uniform we wear. The clasped bracelet resembles the circle of friends that is never broken"

-Author Unknown

Also called parachute cord serve as the suspension lines of parachutes. They are usually made of nylon - the same material used in ordinary ropes - but are specially constructed to make them tougher, thicker, and less prone to tearing and rotting.

Paracord can and is being used to make bracelets, anklets, key chains as well as a variety of protection tools. The meaning of the paracord bracelet is up to you. It can show your support for our troops, a favorite sports team, a personal cause or even your favorite colors..... 2 weeks ago one of our salespersons and her children participated in a NEDA Walk, once they arrived her 9 year old daughter saw that the colors representing the event were light blue, she immediately thought of making Paracord bracelets to help support the cause. All ages are picking up on the concept.

As you search in Google, you'll find dozens of projects that are being created using paracord. You'll also be able to go to Youtube and see many tutorials to help create different products.

Be inventive and creative with any paracord project. Try to match your project with an event or cause. Lastly, don't forget if you ever need some rope, you'll have it right on your wrist.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Salute to Our Troops by the NFL

At Rothco, two of the things we love most of all are the U.S. military and NFL football. Obviously, as a company that has provided gear to soldiers for decades, we have a steadfast and heartfelt belief in those who defend our country's freedom and the sacrifice they and their families make. At the same time, we looooooove NFL football. In fact, just for fun, we have a pool around the company as to who can pick the most games right each week. I'm also a New York Giants season ticket holder and most everyone here has a favorite team be it the Giants, the New York Jets or one of many out-of-town teams.

With that in mind, it's quite heartening to see the support the NFL has shown for our troops. Back at the beginning of the season, at the first Monday Night Football game, the New York Jets paid tribute to our armed services  by having 200 servicemen and women unfurl a huge American flag over the field.

This month, in honor of Veteran's Day, all 32 NFL teams will be honoring our armed forces in one way or another. The first ever NFL-Tillman Military Scholar will be honored at the Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday, a partnership between the NFL and the Pat Tillman Foundation. 

Lastly, here's a tribute by the Bleacher Report to NFL players who have served their country overseas. It includes all-time greats like Charlie Joiner, Ray Nitschke, Roger Staubach and Otto Graham.
The Rothco family would like to take this time to thank all of those who have served our wonderful country. We are forever in your debt. Hope you enjoy the games this Sunday.

John Ottaviano

P.S. For those interested in finding out more about Pat Tillman, there is a new movie entitle "The Tillman Story" that is out in theaters now. Here on Long Island, you can see it tonight at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Rothco helps "The Biggest Loser" get Combat Tested by the U.S. Marines

This past Tuesday on NBC one of TV's most popular shows, The Biggest Loser traveled to the U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton where they received rigorous training my Marine Corps instructors. While there, they did some extreme marching, participated in Marine style physical training, woke up each day at 5 am and finished off with a Marine Corps obstacle course.

Below is a video of the contestants first arriving at Camp Pendleton and making their first extensive hike through the base:

All in all, the 11 contestants held up quite well given the demanding conditions. Part of the reason for that may have been the rugged Rothco Battle Dress Uniforms the contestants wore that were supplied by Rothco partner Vermont's Barre Army Navy. The Biggest Loser participants wore both our City Camouflage and Sky Blue Camouflage military fatigues as well as Rothco Fatigue Caps, Web Belts, Cushion Sole Socks and Thermals. Despite all the rigors the contestants were put through, their Rothco uniforms held up throughout the week of training. Even Biggest Loser trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels got into the act wearing military physical training gear and ranting at their teams like drill sergeants.

Here Rothco's Battle Dress Uniforms are put through the ultimate test, a Marine Corps obstacle course:

Rothco military clothing is tough and combat tested, but it's not just for military use. It makes great workwear, outdoor and adventure clothing and even athletic wear. Rothco partner Pure Power Boot Camp use Rothco's Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues to outfit their "recruits". Whatever you plan on using them for, Rothco's military, outdoor and fashion clothing is combat tested and ready for extreme adventure.

Good luck in all your athletic pursuits and adventures!! See below for more pictures from the episode.

John Ottaviano




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Friday, October 29, 2010

Facebook | Morris Rothenberg Rothco

Facebook | Rothco
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today ....that Chuck Moore joined the Rothco Sales Team. Over that time he has made many substantial contributions to Rothco and our partners. His alertness & attention to detail has greatly enhanced the Rothco customer service. Ours is a better organization because of what he has done and our customers continue to benefit greatly from his guidance and support.

Thanks Chuck.
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Friday, October 01, 2010

Rothco's October Partner Profile - Bill McKinney, Bradley's Military Enterprises

Bradley's Military Enterprises was established by Bill McKinney in September of 1992. Mr. McKinney had extensive military experience and had always dreamed of owning a business of his own, so this military retail store seemed like a perfect combination. By starting up this business, he was able to combine his dreams, values, and military experience.|

It was not all a dream come true, however. According to Bill, the toughest obstacle was working with the little resources he had. It was hard for Mr. McKinney to find the talented people with strong computer science skills that he needed to better endorse his business. “Because Northern New York is very rural,” he said, “We don’t have a large pool of talented people who are familiar with web pages, pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization, or other forms of e-commerce marketing. These micro barriers also create problems on a macro scale.”

Despite facing such overwhelming obstacles, Bradley’s has made respectable progress with their new web page, E-Bay Store, and other mail order operations. They are also now connected to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. In 2011, they will create new business operations on Amazon. They believe their persistence has led to their success on a rather windy road.

Bradley’s does also take pride in their strong management staff, and always look to surround themselves with talented employees. Though they have problems attracting talent in the IT field, they do well in the rest of their departments.  Bradley’s leadership has excelled at finding new opportunities, diversifying, and creating new streams of income. At the same time, they have done a good job at staffing their departments with the right people. Currently their workforce possesses 2 master’s degrees, 7 bachelor’s degrees, and 4 employees with 20 years of military experience or more. Despite all of the challenges,  Bradley’s excels at recruiting, training, and retaining talented people, something that we at Rothco are very impressed with.

Recently, great opportunities have been created for Bradley’s Military Enterprises due to the expansion of the base at Ft. Drum, New York. Bradley’s has strong name recognition that has been established by consistently taking care of soldiers for a long time. While their competition offers 3-day service, most of  Bradley’s services are “on-the-spot” or same day. Likewise, their competition hires employees with little or no military experience. As a result, Bradley’s has formed a reputation for being knowledgeable and for providing superior service. Because Bradley’s is well established, possess strong name recognition, and faces little competition, this environment has allowed Bradley’s to thrive.

The one stop shopping, customer service, product knowledge, and short deadlines provided by Bradley's Military Enterprises encourage soldiers to do business at  Bradley’s store.  Bradley’s is not a low cost leader. Instead, their competitive advantage lies with differentiation, service, and providing more perceived value..  Nationally, they advertise using PPC campaigns, SEO, exchanging links, banner ads, catalogs, and advertising in nationwide periodicals.

On a national level, shows off one of the widest selections of military products and services around, proven by their impressive E-Bay and BBB ratings. Bradley’s makes it easy to do business with their company, and they even strive to make shopping at Bradley’s entertaining. In order for that to occur Bradley’s offers many social computing features, post interesting articles about various products or the military community on their blog, and offer an extensive amount of information about their organization. But entertainment is certainly not where they draw the line – they also offer transparency, security, and peace of mind, making them a “people oriented business” that offers service and more perceived value to their customers. Bradley’s proudly supports the Association of the United States Army, better known as AUSA, which they have been a member of for over 15 years.

Bradley’s mainly serves soldiers, but has found that hunters, outdoorsmen, survivalists, law enforcement officers, and paintball/airsoft players have become increasingly interested in their products. Rothco looks forward to our continued and valued partnership.

Ed Feliciano, Rothco’s Sales Manager who manages the Bradley’s account says, “Over the past 15 years Bradley’s has been a great partner with Rothco. Everyone at Bradley’s is friendly, dependable, highly professional and consistent. Bradley’s has an excellent understanding of today’s marketplace.”

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rothco's Inaugural Partner Profile - Abraham Perkowski,

Out in Style Headquarters, Brooklyn, NY
Interestingly enough, Abraham Perkowski started off his business, Out in Style, as a hobby. In 1994, back in the days before Ebay and Amazon, he started a website (yes, there were a few websites back then) with only a few dozen items, just to see what might come of it. Fortunately, this experiment turned into a success.

There were obstacles along the way. Many new businesses began with the same ideas as Abe’s, and, as the competition grew. More “basement websites” opened and who competed on price alone. Out in Style prides itself on their customer service. Close personal attention is given to each and every order. All orders ship within one business day and are reviewed by a minimum of two supervisors, and every customer is assigned a personal salesperson regardless of dollar amount. Over the years, Out in Style has learned what their customers are looking for and they do their best to provide exactly that.

“We are still old school,” says Abe, “but we have hired a new social marketing team that will focus on Twitter and Facebook. We will also be launching new Amazon and eBay stores to increase our sales.” Though they are taking steps to keep up with today’s market, Abe and Out in Style still maintain the personal experiences and relationships that customers have valued for years.

I can personally say that as one of Abe’s largest suppliers and partners, his patronage and the close professional relationship that we have developed with each other is quite rare. The value I have for my relationship with Abe goes well beyond the business aspect. I have been to some of Abe’s family events and have learned so much about him, his family, his faith and his patriotism. These things, which are so important to him, shine through in the way he conducts himself in all of his relationships and the integrity he exhibits in all of his actions.

Abraham Perkowski receives an Award of Appreciation from Commissioner Kelly
Out In Style was featured in the Wall Street Journal in January 2001 and voted Best Online Clothing Store by Time Out New York magazine . Furthermore, Out in Style regularly donates their extra inventory to charities and has donated tremendous amounts of gear to soldiers in times of need. Abe personally volunteers many hours daily for the Hatzalah Ambulance Company, something he’s done now for over 20 years. Abe’s passion for service was evidenced by work his work at Ground Zero on 9/11 where he spent the entire first night. He also works very closely with the NYPD terrorist task force and received an appreciation award from then-Commissioner Ray Kelly for helping solve a terrorist incident that took place in New York City on May 4, 2005. Out in Style is not just a company that is important to the industry, but to the community around it as well.

Abe is also part of an international group of volunteers called (H.E.A.R.T.) that travels to Israel during war times. He participates in helping ambulances while the regular paramedics fight in the army over there. When doing this he can often be found helping the sick and elderly or heading down to the battlefield and “war zones” to distribute free cigarettes, thousands of pairs of free thermal underwear and other donated material to the soldiers risking their lives. On more than one occasion Abe has been within feet of a landing SCUD missile and other attacks Many times he was awakened by Air Raid Sirens and given less than 30 seconds to get out of bed (and grab his ever-present Blackberry) and rush to shelter for safety. Despite this, he would not hesitate to go again if called upon.

“Out In Style credits Rothco entirely with its success- a true partner since day one,” says Abe. “Although we have extremely close relationships with ALL of our vendors, not one comes close to the warmth and personal dedication that Rothco has shown over the past years. Our relationship has always been one of family. I always have and will continue to invite my “brothers and sisters” at Rothco to my personal family Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings. The bond and friendship we share is beyond words.”

Rothco is extremely excited at beginning this monthly series of profiles of our top dealers. It is personally extremely gratifying to make Abraham Perkowski and Out in Style the very first! They are outstanding partners and leaders in our industry!

John Ottaviano

Director of Sales & Marketing


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Preparing your Web Marketing for the busy season

At Rothco, we have resourced, commissioned, studied, reviewed & compared the trends of our niche going back to 2004. Rothco has maintained it's consistency in this market by understanding our customers needs.

As mentioned by many of Rothco's distributors, "in tough times; the Rothco products sells better than other brands."

The busy season for 2010 is coming & you need to get ready, now. We have growing trends with the products you sell & it's important to take advantage these trends.

Your Web Marketing strategies are just as important (if not more) as your normal advertising strategies. Online search is integrated into almost every electronic device nowadays. This allows the users instant access to variety, choices, & convenience. Online search has now integrated Social Networks and you should be aware of it's effects.

On average, Rothco has 20,000 new links being posted in search engines every 24-36 hours. Rothco is poised for Q4 with a multitude of web marketing strategies and we will be posting new blog posts to inform, educate & guide our distributors.

Topics: Google, Yahoo, Social media. Product search tools, Mobile market, website development, Rich media (video, etc), PPC strategies, Local marketing, Nich targeting and most importantly; how to tie them all together.

Next: See how Rothco chooses it's new product in our subscriber email.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

ROTHCO | Airsoft Loadout

Try the "Rothco Loadout." Our recent surveys found a growing segment of cost/quality conscious Airsoft enthusiasts that are using our products in their Loadouts. First & foremost, The Rothco boots are consistently featured in these loadouts. The Kevlar gloves are also very appealing & featured.

However, we are creating a full "head to toe" loadout for Airsoft & paintballers. Our initial videos are being well received and orders are already coming in.

Rothco has the quality cost effective loadout gear setup that sorely needed in the Airsoft niche.
For information about the use of our video in distributor marketing contact us.
Follow our growing video views & growing list of promotional videos on Youtube. Just search "Rothco."

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Friday, August 06, 2010

ROTHCO | Airsoft Guns, Mag Loaders & Plastic BB's | Loadout

Part of the Rothco Online initiative will include promotional videos in support of our brand. The quality of all Rothco branded products is well known by our customers & distributors. Our new line of videos to support the product lines are coming out this month. The first set launches this week.

The target niche above has a lot of crossover appeal. See our new "Loadout" video next with Gear from head to toe.

Go to our youtube channel to see how popular our videos are. We think it's just the beginning. Watch us grow.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friday, July 09, 2010

Camobloge: Rothco | Military iPad Bag - Rugged, discreet carrier

Camobloge: Rothco | Military iPad Bag - Rugged, discreet carrier

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Homeless man rescues American flag during storm
New Suffolk County, NY law bans protests at military funerals - What's your opinion? Is it a violation of the 1st amendment? -

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

They fight & die for our freedom everyday. Up & down the chain of command. Our hearts ache with sympathy for their families -

Friday, July 02, 2010

Just Arrived at Rothco, new Sales Associate Eileen Flanagan!

While Rothco consumers and dealers love our products, we believe it’s the service we provide and the people who provide it that really make a difference. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the latest addition to the Rothco sales team, Eileen Flanagan. Eileen comes to Rothco with over 15 years of experience in sales and operations selling consumer goods and business supplies. Her vast experience includes customer relations, sales, allocations and shipping. Her earliest job included servicing the Federated department stores (Macy’s, May, Bloomingdale’s ) and over the years she has worked with customers in the young men’s, loungewear and home décor. Eileen has dealt with a large variety of customers from independent retails to department stores and even some of the big box stores. She recently worked at Fortune 500 company Grainger, a business supply company that serves hundreds of thousands of businesses across the U.S. Grainger, like Rothco, is an industry leader that provides unparalled service in its industry.

Eileen grew up here on Long Island in Huntington and today lives nearby in Centerport. She has a degree in Management and Marketing from Ithaca College in upstate New York. Outside the office Eileen is the mom of a girl and a boy ages 9 and 7. She loves the outdoors and looks forward to using the Rothco products this summer.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Rothco family. I come from a background that emphasized customer service and the entire philosophy at Rothco is to give our customers the best experience possible. It really says something about the environment here that most of my fellow team members have been here for over ten years. My Motto in Life is "Nothing Ventured.....Nothing Gained" and I truly look forward to many great years ahead in this new venture.”

We are as thrilled to have Eileen working with us as she is to be here. Please give her a call or drop her an email and help us welcome her to the Rothco team!

John Ottaviano

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

U.S. army ditches Velcro for buttons on uniforms, saves 96 cents per uniform

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Transport pack video reached 6700 views in just 2 weeks and can be seen on many other websites too. More to come...

Monday, June 21, 2010

This column is written for families who can't afford to travel or take expensive vacations. When my children were young...

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Plaques Recognizes Your Contributions and Service to My Organization

Our friend and partner Bill McKinney of Bradley’s Military Surplus recognizes and appreciates the professional and personal support provided by Eddie Feliciano and Hans Blechschmidt of Rothco Sales Team. He further expressed his true appreciation of Rothco service, how we have embraced technology, and how working together with Rothco has been instrumental to his organization as a whole.

Please click here to see the the letter of recognition. (pdf file)

We would both like to take this opportunity to thank Bill for his kindness and this wonderful gift.

It will be our pleasure to strive toward being a part of his success, now and in the future!

Bradley's Military was established in 1992 by William G. McKinney in Watertown, New York. Initially specializing in used military uniforms and equipment, they quickly expanded and began providing essential services for soldiers at Ft Drum. These services included sewing, dry cleaning, boot shining and repair. Bradley's goal was to become a "One Stop Soldier Shop". The additional needs of the soldiers there became apparent, and were turned into business opportunities. Responding to these needs in a timely and efficient manner, while providing quality goods of real value contributed to Bradley's growth and success. We like to think that a knowlegeable sales staff, accurate inventory, fast shipping, and a merchandise assortment that reflects the true needs of Rothco's customers, contributed significantly to Bradley's success!

Presently, Bradley's has an excellent introductory site which you can visit at

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rothco Celebrates its 57th Birthday with the Fastest Website in the Business

Today is the 57th anniversary of the beginnings of Morris Rothenberg & Son, the company that became Rothco, founded in 1953 by Milton Somberg, our chairman. It's a proud day for us and one we are celebrating this year by announcing some exciting changes at our website at

For the last several weeks, Rothco dealers have been enjoying our fastest order entry system ever and the most efficient online ordering in the business. Our WebExpress Ordering System is now 75-90% faster than previously and Rothco dealers are now placing over 43% of their orders directly on the dealer side of our site. The speed improvements are mainly the result of a new server installation and database upgrade. At the same time, we've made these additional improvements:

  • Rothco's State-of-the-Art High Resolutions images now available for 24/7 download
  • New Commercial Quotation form for Military, Uniform, Screen Printing and Promotional quotes
  • New header featuring links to social networking sites at Camobloge, Facebook, Twiiter & YouTube
 But don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying about our improved WebExpress Ordering System:

Les Peckham, Military Trail, Huntington, NY:  The upgrades are working great, much, much faster both adding products and super fast check out.
David Dagmy, Army Universe, Brooklyn, NY:  Speed has been tremendously fast. Definitely an improvement from beforehand.
Jen, Barre Army Navy, Vermont, NY:  Your improvements have made a huge difference… all of our  orders went in smoothly and rapidly! 
Tyler, Uncle Sam’s Army Navy, NY, NY: I like it a lot, the change on adding drop shipments is definitely much easier.
John Vachon, Camo Clothing Store, Ft Wayne, IN: I have really noticed the speed of the updated online ordering system; it is working great for my online business and saves time when I need to enter multiple drop-ship orders.  Thank you also for the great customer service and support; one of a kind!
Ariel Goes,, Novato, CA:  Yes! the site is much faster, takes me less time to place the orders. THANK YOU!!!
Esther Kuar, Via Transports, Japan:  As for order entry, speed is much better than before especially when ordering large amounts. It saves us a lot of time.
So why not give it a test drive for yourself? If you've logged into our website before, than go right ahead and place an order. If not, just use your Rothco dealer number, create a user name and password, and enjoy the Rothco difference.
Not a Rothco dealer yet? As long as you have a licensed retail store, screen printing and embroidery business or promotional distribution business, then sign up for a wholesale account today!

At Rothco we are constantly striving to provide you the best service anywhere. If you have any ideas on how we can make it even better, please feel free to make a suggestion.

John Ottaviano

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Attention Rothco Partners: Rothco Releases its first YouTube Video Just For You!

It's getting better all the time. Better, better, better. - The Beatles

Every day at Rothco, we are constantly striving to do things a little bit better than we did the day, week, month or year before. We are constantly looking at the innovations developed in the world around us and seeing how we can incorporate those to better serve our partners. We have been very early adopters of the internet, email, blogging, Facebook,Twitter B2B order systems, the latest computer technology, the latest product innovations, etc.

Today we are taking our first step into the realm of product video productions with Hans Blechschmidt's presentation of  Rothco's Medium Transport Pack . This is one of our more popular packs with lots of great features which are hard to fully describe on a two-dimensional catalog or web page, so we are trying to provide greater detail in this video. We welcome your feedback and suggestions so our next video, featuring Rothco's brand new Move Out Tactical Bag can be even better. Please email me with any suggested changes or additions we can make to our next video presentation.

Please feel free to embed this video onto your own web sites or into a promotional email to help you sell more of these bags. Like I said, we're trying to get just a little bit better all the time.

John Ottaviano

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Military Fashion - Big in Japan (and the U.S., too)

Hot off the runways in Tokyo, the latest from Japanese designer Daisuke Obana's N. Hoolywood brand. Since Rothco has a very long history in the Japanese market, we are very aware of their affection for military clothing. The new line, however, is a real embrace of military clothing from America and elsewhere in the world.
In a blog post on, N. Hoolywood's fall/winter collection is detailed. For those of us in the surplus business and especially here at Rothco, a lot of the product's look very familiar. For starters, the tan jacket at top with the slanted pockets looks an awful lot like Rothco's Vintage Vietnam Fatigue Shirt. The Olive wool overpants below that, are very similar to our Vintage M-65 Field Pants right down to the leg ties coming from the pockets. One of the models can actually be seen wearing an looks to be a Rothco ALICE Pack to accessorize his outfit. And the last model pictured here is clearly wearing a pair of Rothco Jungle Boots, currently our hottest item in Japan and getting hotter every day in the U.S.

The good news for Rothco dealers around the world is that military fashion is back with a vengeance for both men and women (see Camouflage & Military Looks for Women: They're Baaaaaaaack! for more on women's miltary fashion) so this Spring, Summer and Fall should be great for all of us. Everything from Berets to those old Eisenhower jackets should be flying off the shelves. Be sure to take advantage by keeping on eye on this blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news. Find similar items in your store, put outfits together and put them on a mannequin. Don't be afraid to mix new goods with surplus, this will just add to the authenticity and help you increase your margins.

If you want more ideas on how to increase your fashion sales, contact one of our experienced Rothco sales staff and watch your sales get big this fall.

John Ottaviano
Director of Sales & Marketing

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camouflage & Military Looks for Women: They're Baaaaaaaack!

The longer I work in the military clothing business, the shorter the cycles are between "military fashion rebirths". Not that I'm complaining, this is good news for all of us who sell military clothing. Via the Google Alerts program, I've been seeing news stories and blog posts day after day about the burgeoning military fashion trend for men and women. With the fashion shows in New York and Paris just completed, the interwebs are thick with pictures and news of this trend.

Last month, Vogue published it's March "Military" issue featuring a huge spread of Women's Military Clothing. The clothing is very high end and expensive, but many of you will have Rothco or surplus items that you can offer to savvy women looking for that great military look at lower prices. Rothco's Womens Blazer, Womens Peacoat and Khaki Fatigue Shirt will give very similar looks to those in the Vogue piece. We also have great accessories like our Canvas Pistol Belts, Vintage Canvas Bags and Womens Vintage Fatigue Caps that will give the same great looks at a fraction of the cost of the items featured in the Vogue layout.

On Monday, the New York Times had an interesting article on the reemergence of military and camouflage fashions in Paris, and it featured a Rothco customer, Doursoux Surplus the leading army surplus store in Paris and, perhaps, all of France. Here's an excerpt from the article:

The Scene: Doursoux, an Army-Navy supply store on a side street near the Gare Montparnasse.
“This is pure Dries!” said an American fashion stylist, rummaging through a pile of French combat fatigues, referring to Dries Van Noten, whose collection was one of many here to use military uniforms as a point of departure. At 30 euros (about $40), they were a fraction of what many designer pants cost.

Three days into the week, buyers from stores like Bloomingdale’s had already followed her into the bins of vintage fatigues and Russian army coats and vinyl kit bags devised for the Japanese army. Troops of the Japanese editors who descend on the city during Fashion Week had cleaned the place out of the nipped camouflage jackets and blanket-weight peacoats that Junya Watanabe used as the basis for a show that Julie Gilhart, the fashion director of Barneys New York, called “really commercial and sellable.”

Today, a blog called Cheap Chic Daily landed in my inbox with a great spread on very fashionable camouflage womens clothing called  Cheap Chic Shopping: Cover in camouflage for Spring. It features fashionable camo looks at what it claims to be discount prices, but you can get similar looks at Rothco for less: Womens Camo Short Shorts, Womens Camo Short Skirt and Womens Camo Flare Pants.

When it comes to military fashion for men or women, there's little need to go any further than Rothco for great military quality fashion clothing at army navy surplus prices.

See you on the runway!!

John Ottaviano

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