Friday, October 30, 2009

Tweet, Tweet! Rothco is now on Twitter!

Tweet, Tweet! Rothco is now on Twitter!

Some may ask the question what is twitter? Twitter is a free social messaging network for staying connected in real-time. What does that mean for Rothco customers and its followers on twitter? That means real-time updates whether it’s the newest product, latest specials, a sponsored link from one of our retailers or our product being displayed in one of our many stores. We want to keep YOU the customer connected at all times and twitter will help do so.

How can Twitter benefit you? For starters it will help you stay connected with your current customers, and also help you make new connections with potential customers. You’ll have the ability to give updated information about your company regarding new and exciting products, sales and specials. Twitter gives you the option to share links to items of interest to your network, post a picture of the newest product or share a link with pertinent information. This keeps your customers in the loop (in the fastest way possible) of what’s going on with YOUR business.

Twitter is a Win, Win for all parties involved. So Stop by and start up your account and stay connect with YOUR business. Don’t forget to follow us Rothco on twitter as well.
Happy Tweeting!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween
ToniMarie Anselmo

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As Economy Impacts Halloween, Americans Get Creative

The overriding theme for Americans Halloween celebrations this year will be, ‘How creative can I be, and how little can I spend?

Well with that in mind and Halloween right around the corner Rothco has you covered. We have developed some interesting and creative costumes to keep within budget. The total spending on the holiday is expected to reach $4.75 billion; we want your store to get a piece of that pumpkin pie.

Below is a list of costumes for
Men, Women, and Youth.

Army Solider- 8685, 8695, 10200, 5057, and 4511
Fidel Castro- 7837, 7838, 9336, and 5075
Che Guevara- 4907, 4687, 4387, and 5075

Boot Camp- 1150, 10200, 4476, 3476, 84962, and 5081
Ms. Police Officer- 5661, 3877/4877, 1902, 1131, 10884, 10070, 10570, and 5081

Solider- 66210, 66110, 5057, 588, and 5650
Sergeant- 66215, 66115, 5057, and 5651

Happy Halloween!!!
ToniMarie Anselmo

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