Friday, August 21, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Sorry for the long wait, between vacations, trade shows, and preparing the 2010 Rothco Catalog, it's been tough to find time to keep up with the Camobloge. With the summer ending and the fall coming, the Camobloge returns from its summer hiatus.

Our new catalog will go out to over 9000 active Rothco dealers all over the world in nearly every country covering most of the populated areas of the planet. Of all those places, midtown Manhattan is the nexus of the retail universe. It's most notable location is Macy's, the legendary department store. Nearby on 34th Street (as in Miracle on...), is another legend, Dr. Jay's, has a location that is the most admired urban fashion store in New York. What might one see when he walks thought the doors into this mecca of streetwear? Why, Rothco's store-within-a-store featuring the hottest military fashion anywhere!!
Interestingly enough, much of the Rothco product featured in at Dr. Jay's are old classics or vintage reworkings of classic military products. Some of the real basics include Acrylic Commando Sweaters, MA-1 Flight Jackets, and U.S. Navy Type Peacoats. There's also a full selection of Rothco Vintage Fatigues, Field Jackets and Canvas Shoulder Bags.
Since a picture says a thousand words, I'll let these photos from the store do the talking. Thanks to Rothco's Darin Kaye for the pictures and his display prowess and to all the folks at Dr. Jay's for their support and great taste ;-) With back-to-school in New York just a couple of weeks away, this is great time to have such a powerful display in the store.
If you have pictures of Rothco products in your store or have seen great displays elsewhere, please e-mail me your pictures to me at
Have a great weekend!
John Ottaviano