Friday, July 10, 2009

Oddities/Countdown to ASD

It's been awhile since my last post, vacations here at Rothco have left us a little shorthanded.

First, an article from the Click of Lancashire, U.K. about an army surplus store owner who was warned by his town government that "a tailor's dummy wearing a British Army uniform was menacing to passers-by."

According to the article "military surplus dealer Mr Shahabi says he is displaying the camouflage-clad mannquin outside his "Arms and Outdoors" store as a tribute to British soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq." It seems there have been a number of armed robberies in the area, and folks were a little spooked. Not that they were robbed by men in camouflage, but it seems that a few Lancashire folks are easily scared.

From the the meek of Lancashire, to the fierce of the U.S. a somewhat random photo of chart-topping hip hop artist 50 Cent. While I don't think this is the cause of the mad demand for ammo cans over the past several months, it sure can't hurt sales either.

From the ferocious to the fun and frivolous is a picture and article in the Birmingham News about a great little mannequin that sits in front of the Army Navy Surplus store in Bessmer, AL. Nicknamed Chucky by neighborhood kids, our friend, Joyce Underwood, owner of the store tells of his "... celebrity. People know him. He has fought the battle of good times and bad.'' Haven't we all!

Lastly, the folks who run the ASD trade show, coming up August 9 - 12th, did a very nice q & a with us about Rothco and our participation at the ASD trade show. As I said in the article, "our new 2010 Catalog and New Product Supplement will debut at ASD and they will have hundreds of new items. Of particular interest in August will be a whole new line of miltary outerwear and accessories from our new Fishtail Parkas to our CWU-99E Enhanced Vintage Flight Jacket. It's been our experience that the success of our show is in direct proportion to the strength of our new product. With the offerings we have this fall, it could be a record-breaking August show."

The new 2010 Rothco Catalog is going to be PACKED with great new outerwear, tactical goods, military fashion and more. Look to see your copy sometime in August!! And come down and see us at the ASD Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we'd love to see you there!!!

Have a great weekend!!

John Ottaviano

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