Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rothco Hits the Big "99"!

Just wanted to share some great news. This month, for the very first time, Rothco hit the 99th percentile. What exactly do I mean by that? According to our inventory reports, in the month of June we have an in-stock inventory rate of 99%! That means, if you order any of our regular items today, there's a 99% chance it's ready to ship. That means you get what you want when you need it. It also means you can save BIG money by letting US hold the inventory while you devote your dollars and your retail space to a greater variety of merchandise without a bigger investment. Over the course of a year, this can mean an extra turn or two in merchandise and thousands in profits, all at no extra cost to our dealers.

But don't take my word on what the Rothco difference can mean to you, let me give it to you right from the mouth of one of our more successful and savvy dealers, Jeff Goldsmith of Joe's Army Navy (who you may remember from outfitting rapper Eminem) :

"For the 3rd straight year Rothco remains my #1 vendor by retail sales. I want to let you, Howard, and the whole Rothco team know how much I appreciate the relationship we have built up over the years. Your continued dedication to innovative new products, customer service, and in-stock situation, truly make it a pleasure to work with you."

And a pleasure it is to work with you, too, Jeff. It's also a real joy to be a part of your success. Our primary goal at Rothco is the financial success of our dealers and the satisfaction of the consumers who buy our products. If you do well, we do well and it's extremely gratifying to help you all to do so. Praise like Jeff's helps motivate us to do even better tomorrow in helping all of our dealers reach their goals.

So feel free to place your next order with us knowing that when you order, we've got it!

John Ottaviano

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