Friday, May 29, 2009

Rothco's Got the Vibe!

Yet another media appearance by Rothco, this time in hip-hop magazine, Vibe, in their "We Know What You're Doing This Summer" style preview.

In the article, the Vibe style folks describe various personalities, the gear they'll be wearing, their music, their activities, etc. For "The Philly Skateboarder" they picked the Rothco Vintage Infantry Utility Short as "the" garment of choice this summer. They found them at the website Army Navy USA, our good friends Simon and Dalia in Woodhaven, NY. The shorts are available in 7 colors in all, Khaki, Black, Olive Drab, City Camouflage, Navy Blue, and Army Digital Camouflage.

Just like the previous blog about Eminem in XXL Magazine, these are great promotions for your store or website. If your customers aren't already coming in because of the media coverage, find ways to let them know that Rothco products are being featured in these publications. Feel free to use these images everywhere!

By the way, the Vintage Infantry Paratrooper Fatigue Shorts are just about the most comfortable and functional shorts I've every worn. I've got three or four pairs and I'll be rockin' them all summer.

Enjoy your weekend!

John Ottaviano

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