Friday, May 22, 2009

Joe's Army Navy & Eminem

We got a heads up from our good friend Jeff Goldsmith at Joe's Army & Navy in Waterford, MI that he got a visit from the stylist for rapper Eminem. Turns out they shopped Joe's for a photo shoot for XXL Magazine who dedicated nearly the whole June issue to the rapper and his comeback CD, Relapse.

For the uninitiated, Eminem is one of the best selling rapper in music history and probably one of the most controversial artists of all time. His new CD is probably his most controversial ever. At the same time, it's probably seeing as much promotion as any release in recent memory, mostly due to his self-imposed four year exile from the business to deal with a number of personal issues.

In any case, these pictures are a great promotional tool for your store. In various pictures, Eminem is wearing Black B.D.U. Pants, Black Nylon Pistol Belt, Black Wool Watch Cap, Black Fingerless Gloves and lots of other products that all the hip-hop fans in your area will be dying to wear now that Eminem has been seen wearing them. These pictures aren't just in the magazine, but all over the internet!!
I recommend going to the local newstand and picking up a copy of XXL Magazine, cutting out the applicable pictures and posting them in your store near the appropriate merchandise. Please note that XXL is a relatively adult magazine both verbally and graphically, but the pictures of one of the biggest musical artists out today should do big things for your sales.

Thanks again, Jeff, for making Eminem look so damn cool!!!
John Ottaviano

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