Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Trip!!

At Rothco, we were fortunate to have last Friday off for Good Friday. Traditionally, I like to attend a local "Stations of the Cross" service in observance of the holiday. This year, my oldest daughter, Nina, was involved in a college showcase soccer tournament at Ft. Dix, NJ. So we drove down from Long Island. Actually, she did, so it was a true adventure having a 16 year old drive accross bridges and turnpikes for a 2 1/2 hour ride.

Friday, the first day of the tournament was great, lots of college coaches and scouts around. Saturday, the second day was a total washout, with heavy rain all morning. My daughter participated in a muddy and messy goalkeeper showcase, but there was nobody around to see it. With the day ending early and wet, we headed home.

So the day wouldn't be a total loss, I decided we should stop at the wonderful looking farmer's market we passed on the way down. The market was huge, with tons of fresh produce, fish and meats, and lots of real Amish folks working the stalls. My daughter and I had a wonderful meal of barbequed pulled pork and spare ribs and afterwards I decided to take a little look around the rest of the market, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Hector's Outdoor Haven , one of Rothco's best customers in the area.

Though the weather was wet and dreary outside, Hector's store was hopping, with folks coming from hours away for the great selection of military goods and the "expert air smithing" of the impresario himself, Hector Medina. About half of the store was devoted to paintball and airsoft guns and equipment and customers all stood around the back, watching Hector at work fixing paintball guns like young boys in the 1800's watching the village blacksmith.

The staff was friendly and busy, so I took some pictures, said "hello" to everyone and let them get back to their work. It really is a great little store, with a vibrant atmosphere and customers coming from many miles away.

Look for Rothco to be coming to your store this spring and summer and we'll feature you in one of our upcoming blogs.

John Ottaviano

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