Friday, February 20, 2009

Be True to Your School (Part 2)

Here's another great "camouflage as spiritwear" story playing out down at the University of South Carolina, also featuring a coach. This time, he's using camouflage to build up the energy of his team, rather than his team using it in tribute.

Seems the Gamecocks have a new men's basketball coach named Darrin Horn (see picture) who is determined to get the students at this football-crazy SEC school to come out and support his team. So he and the marketing folks at USC came up with the idea of calling the student section the "Garnet Army". Garnet is a deep red that is the school's primary color and army is a tribute to the fact that Columbia, SC, where USC is located is home to the army base Fort Jackson .

In order to really solidify the connection and to get real excitement from the students, the university gave the first 750 students who came to the game last month against rival Florida a "Garnet Army" red camouflage t-shirt. Where did they get such a great looking shirt with such deep "Garnet" red? Why, Rothco dealer Eat More Tees, that's where. Our friend, Rusty, called up Rothco, printed 'em up and our red camouflage tees has taken Gamecock nation by storm! In fact, Rusty and Eat More Tees have produced over 1600 of the Garnet Army tees you see pictured.

The folks at USC were so excited, they have had a Garnet Army boot camp and invited scores of students down to learn more about the game of basketball (see photos). Other local Rothco dealers have also been selling the tees plus red camo caps, pants and bandanas. The program has generated some real excitement AND the basketball team is doing great with a 19-6 record and wins over Florida, Kentucky and a road win over Alabama!!

Just like the story below, there is great opportunity for schools and the dealers that serve them to use Rothco's colored camouflage clothing to help build school spirit for athletics or any other programs. If you have any pictures of Rothco camo in action, we'd love to see them.

Go Gamecocks!

John Ottaviano

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