Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's Elves are Working at Rothco

Each year, the employees at ROTHCO “adopt” about 15 – 20 children in the area, and provide gifts, clothes and food for the holiday season. This year, the need expanded and we did what we do best – we rose to the occasion. One of our employees contacted the parents of her Girl Scout troop. Many of our other employees "adopted" 2 or 3 children, instead of just 1, and we added whole families.

Some of us just went to the grocery store, and picked up bags and bags of fruit and vegetables and cereal and pasta – and then we provided a few turkeys! And then we volunteered to spend hours wrapping and putting together “Christmas”.

All together, we provided gifts, and holiday groceries, for over 35 families – a total of 104 children!!!

In addition to this rewarding endeavor – we all had a great time – ROTHCO employees donated thousands of dollars to our sponsored charities. And ROTHCO corporate matched our donations 150%! Hope House Ministries received over $11,000, and Christmas Magic over $9,000.

And, as many of you know, our holiday card project allows us to donate to two additional charities, and this year, The Children’s Fund and Madonna Heights benefitted $1,700 each to help struggling and at-risk youth in our area.

Amid all the bad news, the weak economy, the high unemployment, we wanted to give you a little insight into how we stay positive and focused and determined to do our best! Tis the season……

Please go to the page Charities of our website for more information on the causes that Rothco supports.

Happy Holidays!

Ginger LaLumia
Director of Human Resources

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