Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

The answer? Priceless!!

I'm speaking about the toy puppy in the window of Uncle Sam's Army Navy on 8th Street in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. This is a store that gets a LOT of folks passing by, but the biggest challenge is getting them to come IN!

This inventive window display is certainly catching a lot of eyes, so much that it was featured in an article on Racked.com, a website that chronicles the shopping happenings in New York and Los Angeles. And now that it's been picked up on that website, it's very likely it will picked up on more than a few others, each with a link to Uncle Sam's website.

There are a lot of great details in the window display, not the least of which are the military overcoats the Obamas are wearing, plus the cute little puppy the president-elect promised his young daughters on the night of the election.

Stores with prominent windows have a tremendous merchandising opportunity and it's important to update these AT LEAST once every season. This time of year is particularly important as we try to move holiday merchandise and outerwear. Your display doesn't have to be quite this provocative, but there are a lot of things you can do to attract the public (and media's) attention to your window like displays done in cooperation with local Boy Scout packs, Veteran's groups or even local charitable organizations. I once saw a great display down in Key West, FL where a retailer did a window with a dog theme to help the local ASCPA called "The Dog Days of Summer".

For more information on window displays (including pictures of that display in Key West) and store merchandising, check out Rothco's seminar from the August ASD show.

To paraphrase those credit card commercials, "What's in your windows?"

If you've got a picture of YOUR window display, we'd love to see it!!

Happy Holiday Retail Season!

John Ottaviano

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