Monday, November 24, 2008

Trail Testing our Camo Form Camouflage Wrap

In this post, Darin Kaye, Rothco's National Account Manager, puts Rothco's style #9411 Camo Foam Self Cling Camouflage Wrap to a very interesting use.

With a full suspension entry level mountain bike starting at $1500 I’m always looking for something to help protect the frame from being on a bike rack with other bikes, crashing and all the other normal abuse a mountain bike is meant to handle.

I noticed the “Camo Form” Self Cling Camouflage Wraps in the 2009 Rothco catalog , I thought this could be perfect. I decided to give it a shot. I wrapped the bike (which was more fun than I expected, and you will see in the pictures I went a little crazy and wrapped the entire bike ) it took two and a half 2” X 144” rolls to do the entire bike. I did not have to disconnect anything.

RACKED IT - When my ride showed up everyone got out of the car to checkout my new bike and realized that is was not new just my bike wrapped in very cool camo foam.

ROAD IT – After everyone at the trail head was done touching and asking questions about the wrap we were off to put it through the test: 8 miles of trails in Cunningham Park in Queens. Over logs, through the switchbacks, off the rock drops, and even a good crash off a 6 foot log climb into the bushes were not a problem for the camo wrap. The wrap was able to handle everything and did not come off or even move out of place.

WASHED IT – After getting the wrap good and dirty in the woods, I removed the wrap, followed the instructions: hand washed with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. The wrap was good as new and ready to go back on the bike.

This product will protect anything you apply it to. I highly recommend it.

Darin Kaye
National Account Manager