Monday, May 12, 2008

Thinking Pink

Sunday, in honor of Mother's Day, players all around Major League Baseball sported pink Phiten necklaces, pink trim on their spikes, pink ribbons, pink wristbands, pink sunglasses and, most prominently, pink Louisville Slugger baseball bats. In fact, Carlos Beltran and Ryan Church of the New York Mets, my favorite team, hit back-to-back home runs using those pink bats.

The sporting of the pink wasn't just a tribute to moms around the country. It was part of something much bigger, a program baseball has developed in order to raise awareness of and money to fight breast cancer. "And the nice part is that the focus doesn't end when Sunday melts into Monday, because there again will be a "rolling auction" in which most of that game-used pink stuff is being signed and gradually will appear at the auction over coming days and weeks" according to the MLB website. This is the third year that baseball has participated in this fine event.

Pink has been popular at Rothco for a little while now. A few years back, there was a resurgence in women's military clothing and an increased demand for women's camouflage clothing. While we were making clothing in Woodland, City and Desert camo, we figured we would try something a little more feminine, so we developed a Women's Pink Camo 2-Tone Raglan Tee. After that, we added a pair of pants here, another t-shirt there, sweats, hats, swimwear, sneakers, accessories and more. It was an absolute pink camo explosion! It was really cool to see these products show up on the street. We had obviously tapped into a unique demand.

Over the last year or so, we came to realize that some of the pink camouflage and pink military clothing we developed was being used in conjunction with breast cancer fundraisers. And it wasn't just being worn by women and girls, but men and boys, too! This both surprised and pleased us and gave us the idea for our latest item, our & Breast Cancer Ribbon Women's Vintage Black Adjustable Fatigue Cap w/Pink Stripes . This is our chance to give something back and help support a great cause. These caps are now in stock for purchase and proceeds from the sale of these caps go to the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition whose slogan is "For Life, For Hope, For Change, For the Future" They do marvelous work including their "Lend a Helping Hand" program that offers support to those dealing with breast cancer and their families.

All of us have family or friends who have been effected by this disease, so it feels good to provide support for those who have been touched by this. You can see these caps and all of our pink merchandise at our website at

Our best wishes for a happy belated Mother's Day to everybody's mom. Here's hoping they all stay happy and healthy.

John Ottaviano

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