Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Giving it up for the Troops

Some days at Rothco my job is tougher than others. Today’s one of the easier ones. ToniMarie, one of our sales associates, has just tossed the latest issue of men’s magazine FHM on my desk. It’s her brother’s copy and it’s FHM’s final issue. On the cover is model Leeann Tweeden sitting on a U.S. Army vehicle wearing a golden bikini.

Toni instructs me to look at the article inside and what to my wondering eyes should I see but Ms. Tweeden, Best Damn Sports Show Period star, Queen of the Supercross, and a perennial on everyone’s list of hottest women on the planet, wearing (barely) a Rothco Camouflage Bikini in one picture and a Rothco Camouflage Spandex Tee in another. And looking damned good doing it, I might add.

Besides wearing military style clothing, she’s also posed in and around various other military vehicles. Why the military theme? Well, it seems Leeann’s getting ready for her NINTH U.S.O. Tour to entertain the troops overseas. How popular is she over there? Well, let’s just say that Robin Williams has a hard time following her on the stage. Not surprisingly, the rowdiest crowds are “always the Marines - those Devil Dogs are vocal and they make me feel like the hottest chick in the world.”

The timing is great for Leeann’s swimwear shots. Even though there’s a winter storm here in New York, bathing suit season is just around the corner. Luckily, Rothco has a great selection of women’s camouflage bathing suits women’s camouflage bathing suits. Besides the Woodland Camo suit Leeann’s wearing, we also have Sky Blue, Desert, and our new Pink Camouflage . These are available in Bikini Tops, Bottoms, Hot Shorts and Tankinis. Seeing how good these suits make Leeann look, just think what they can do for your customers.

It will be Summer before you know it. Thank goodness.

John Ottaviano

P.S. Thanks to Iceberg Army Navy for helping us place these in FHM