Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to Win Friends with Influential People

Over our 53 years we’ve been fortunate enough to grow a great list of customers, some of whom have been with us for nearly that long. Most have come along over the years, independent Army/Navy and clothing stores who have grown to enjoy our great military clothing and gear and unparalleled service. As we have developed more new and exciting products, some of have eagerly taken on new merchandise while others have added it more slowly. There’s a third group who have not only been the first to order new items, their requests and feedback has helped us shape our line and develop many of the exciting military styles you see today in our catalog and at www.Rothco.com.

Recently DNR, one of the leading men’s wear trade magazines, recently released a list of America’s 50 Most Influential Men’s Wear Stores as determined by 120 sales executives at some of the leading men’s wear makers in the U.S. Of the 50 stores, three of them are customers, two of them going back almost 10 years. The stores, Up Against the Wall, Rolo and Base are all on the cutting edge of fashion, bringing in and developing new brands, often going on nothing more than instinct alone. That they have chosen to carry Rothco’s military designs is a great reflection on our customers, the people who have truly helped us develop the line.

In turn, this makes your store one of the most influential in our industry because you have helped develop the products that are featured in those cutting edge stores. Our 2007 catalog now features 13 pages of Women’s and Girls’ Clothing because you demanded it. Our Vintage Clothing line, which started with 4 colors of a single pant style now includes dozens of tops, pants, caps and jackets in 10 colors. And our Classic Packs & Sacks line totals over 3 dozen styles because that’s what you wanted.

Whether yours is an upscale clothing store in South Beach or a military surplus store in Anchorage, your customers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting clothing and gear. Our business, like yours, is dependent on repeat customers and the only way to keep ‘em coming back is by continually bringing in the most exciting military and outdoor apparel around. For the South Beach folks, check out our new Pistol Belt Sandal pictured below with a straw sole and pistol belt style straps. And if you’re in Anchorage, you’ll love our new Woodland Camouflage Acrylic Face Mask, keeping you warm and stylish on the most frigid days.

Growing our businesses is definitely a cooperative effort. If there are any new products you’d love to see, just drop us an e-mail at info@Rothco.com and you can make our list of most influential retailers.

John Ottaviano