Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Camouflage and Military Clothing are Everywhere

At Rothco, we have two very talented account executives who service the apparel industry, Darin Kaye and Luis Khoury. Besides visiting apparel stores around New York and the U.S. and seeing customers at our at 1466 Broadway New York showroom, they are constantly on the lookout for the latest in camouflage and military clothing in the stores and on the streets.

Recently, they each made some great spots within a few hours of each other. First, Luis spotted some out-of-towners lunching in Manhattan. Here’s his account of his encounter:

“While having lunch at the Mitro Cafe in the SoHo area of NYC I came across a group of women visiting our great city from California. They were in town celebrating a 40th birthday for one of the ladies. They had just come from a shooting of Good Morning America and needless to say I did a double take as I realized that all the women in the group were wearing camo.

I asked them if they would mind if I took their picture and they were very happy to oblige. I told them that I worked with Rothco and that "camo is my business". They asked for our web site and I said that with a little luck we would have their picture on our Camobloge.”

Just more proof that women just look better in camouflage. You can find a great selection of Women’s Camo here.

Then, just a few hours later, Darin spotted this gentleman along 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues wearing Rothco’s Olive Drab China Star T-Shirt . This shirt has been a proven retail winner, with sales increasing each year since it’s introduction in 2002 to become an iconic classic in fashion and Army/Navy stores worldwide. Note how well it goes with a pair of jeans, matching to classics together.

You’ll also notice that he’s standing in front of Lazzara’s Pizza home of the best pizza in the garment district. In fact, many musicians and fashionistas stop by for a slice, including Jay-Z who is currently hooked up with Beyonce, one this writer’s favorite topics. Read more about Beyonce below.

Have a great Thanksgiving all!

John Ottaviano