Thursday, September 14, 2006

Camouflage in Clubland

Wanna party? Check out the flyer to the left for the MySpace Military Ball at Posh Ultralounge in Garden City, NY. It just happens to be one of the coolest clubs on Long Island, frequented by the young and beautiful saddled with too much disposable income, including some of the hottest players on the division winning New York Mets (rumor has it this is where Mets' catcher Paul Lo Duca got into a bit of hot water).

Interestingly, it combines two of the trends I've been writing about, camouflage clothing and blogging. If you check the fine print, you'll notice that all the young dogs and hotties are encouraged to wear their hottest camouflage outfits. Camouflage as clubwear, what a concept! Who would have thought of such a thing? Well, of course, Rothco would. We've been making sure young women and men look hot in their finest camo for years now and our women's offerings have just EXPLODED!! Our new 2007 catalog features no less than 12 pages of women's clothing and accessories. The hottest item so far is our Pink Tee w/Camo Army Print pictured below. Check out our full offerings at If you don't already have our 2007 catalog, then e-mail us at

If you're already carrying the latest Rothco fashion, why not contact one of the local clubs or promoters in your area about holding their own Miliatary Ball? Some promoters may only ask you to post notices and hand out flyers at the register to co-sponsor an event. You both have the same customers, you should work together to market each other's product. Club kids are great customers for military and camouflage apparel.

Did you also notice that this is a MySpace Military Ball? If you're not aware (and it's hard to not be) MySpace is the #1 social networking and blogging site in the world. After being a hot commodity for the under 30 crowd, it's now becoming a key marketing tool, especially for music and films. People like Somaya Reese have become huge celebrities using just MySpace as a marketing tool. According to DNR, MySpace will be offering a fashion channel next year and you can be sure Rothco will be all over THAT! As I've written before, blogging will be THE communication tool for business. To read more, see my e-zine article here.

Hopefully I'll see you at the Miltary Ball tonight. I'll be the one wearing the Rothco Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues. But I'm sure I won't be the only one.

John Ottaviano