Friday, August 25, 2006

Camouflage is Everywhere, From the Street to the Stage

We have a special guest blogger this week, Mike Schnorr, Rothco Sales Associate as well as fashionista and hipster:

The relationship between the music industry and the fashion world is tighter than Beyonce and Jay-Z. At the MAGIC show coming up next week in Las Vegas, all kinds of music artists will be showing and promoting clothing lines including their own. Just by wearing a garment, whether out in public or to 50,000 people while on stage, musicians can have a tremendous influence on the buying decisions of music fans. It constantly leaves an impression in the minds of the viewers.

I recently attended KTU’s Beatstock 2006, a huge dance music festival in New York (please see pictures below). I was absolutely blown away by the amount of camouflage clothing that adorned the fans and the musicians. The assortment of styles was broad, from thermals to hoodies to track jackets to shorts and even fitted camo baseball caps promoting their favorite team. And that was just the crowd. Almost 50% of the performers wore camo and military looks and if they didn’t, then their backup dancers did.

The bottom line is camo is here to very much in the forefront of fashion in the music industry and on the street. Performers and club kids alike love the aggressive statement it makes and the attitude it projects. This influence from musicians is felt worldwide the minute they appear on MTV wearing these looks. For the foreseeable future, we forecast strong sales of military looks. Keep your eyes open and never know who you will see wearing it next.