Friday, August 25, 2006

Camouflage is Everywhere, From the Street to the Stage

We have a special guest blogger this week, Mike Schnorr, Rothco Sales Associate as well as fashionista and hipster:

The relationship between the music industry and the fashion world is tighter than Beyonce and Jay-Z. At the MAGIC show coming up next week in Las Vegas, all kinds of music artists will be showing and promoting clothing lines including their own. Just by wearing a garment, whether out in public or to 50,000 people while on stage, musicians can have a tremendous influence on the buying decisions of music fans. It constantly leaves an impression in the minds of the viewers.

I recently attended KTU’s Beatstock 2006, a huge dance music festival in New York (please see pictures below). I was absolutely blown away by the amount of camouflage clothing that adorned the fans and the musicians. The assortment of styles was broad, from thermals to hoodies to track jackets to shorts and even fitted camo baseball caps promoting their favorite team. And that was just the crowd. Almost 50% of the performers wore camo and military looks and if they didn’t, then their backup dancers did.

The bottom line is camo is here to very much in the forefront of fashion in the music industry and on the street. Performers and club kids alike love the aggressive statement it makes and the attitude it projects. This influence from musicians is felt worldwide the minute they appear on MTV wearing these looks. For the foreseeable future, we forecast strong sales of military looks. Keep your eyes open and never know who you will see wearing it next.

Friday, August 18, 2006

"We're trying to change the world"

With a sneaker. That was what Stephon Marbury of the Knicks said about his new sneaker that premiered August 16 in a discount sportswear chain. He introduced a new value-priced basketball shoe, trying to serve the type of people he grew up with back in Coney Island.

Rothco can certainly get behind that. We've been trying to change the world one sneaker, pair of pants and t-shirt at a time since 1953. Our Vintage Paratrooper Fatigue line offers the type of quality you'll see in specialty shops for close to $100 at a mere $39.99 suggested retail. And we have sneakers, too, great camouflage High-Top Sneakers in Woodland, Desert and Pink Camouflage that retail for just $15.99. They're so cool that the style watchers at Cool Hunting did a whole write-up on them (see

Can a sneaker, or any garment for that matter, really change the world? I'm not really sure, but when people are comfortable and secure in the clothes they wear, then they're more likely to feel confident and act assertively in their daily activities. And if we in the clothing industry can really make people feel comfortable and better about themselves, then haven't we actually changed that person's world?

If you're interested in seeing more on Rothco's cool camouflage sneakers, click on the big R at the right or click here.

And if you want to read more about Stephon Marbury's new sneaker, click on the title of this post.

Enjoy the change of world.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation how can you get away...

Yes, it's that time of year, everybody heading out across the U.S., to the beaches, the mountains, the city and the country. I've been traveling a bit myself, which is why the blog's been a bit on the quiet side.

In fact, this summer I've been to the mountains (Poconos, Catskills), the beaches (Long Island, Cape Cod), the city (New York, of course, Allentown), the country (Fishkill, Phoenixville, Barnstable), and even places that defy categorization (Provincetown, MA). The one constant is that everywhere I've been this summer, on all kinds of people, I've seen an endless stream of camouflage and military-inspired clothing.

Take yesterday afternoon for instance. I was taking an evening bike ride around Sunken Meadow State Park on Long Island, right near my home. Believe it or not, this is easily the most international beach anywhere in the world. I heard music from reggaeton to Slavic folk music. There were women dancing in saris, men playing cricket, and folks sitting, talking and putting a little goat on the barbecue. I spoke to people from Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Maryland and even visitors from overseas. The park had a group under every tree and every piece of grass, not to mention the beach.

Even with all that diversity, I saw kids and adults wearing camo tees, shorts, caps in Woodland, Desert, Pink Camo and more. It was everywhere.

How much has camouflage invaded the public conciousness? Check out this picture of Justin Timberlake from GQ, with his Marines physical training t-shirt and camouflage fatigues. Can you say wannabe? Of course. But that's the thing about military clothing, even Justin Timberlake looks like a hardass in camouflage.

In any event, vacation time is over here at Rothco and we're getting ready for showtime. We'll be at the Surplus Dealer's show at the Las Vegas Convention Center next week and at the biggest fashion trade show on earth, the MAGIC show at the Vegas Convention Center at booth 33036ST in the Streetwear section. If you want to see the latest in cutting edge camouflage gear, definitely check us out.

And if you haven't gone yet, have a great vacation.