Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rothco Shorts a Top Seller at Up Against the Wall

It was a very cool surprise to open up the July 12th issue of DNR, the bible of the men's clothing world, and see Ruth Benaflor of Up Against the Wall say how well our shorts were selling for her. It's great to get compliments, but there's nothing better a retailer can say than that your product is making them money.

We carry a monster selection of military-style cargo shorts, from standard B.D.U. shorts to our Xtra Long Length to the Vintage Paratrooper Shorts that Up Against the Wall does so well with. We don't make the cheapest shorts around but we try to make the best. Our vintage shorts have lots of cool features like oversized cargo pockets, an inside waistband drawstring and soft, washed cotton blend material. I'm not surprised people like them so much.

I bet some of you are thinking that Rothco's 'gone all Hollywood' but nothing could be further from the truth. We are very conscious of our roots with the independent army/navy retailer and clothing stores. We're not going to get all exclusive. But it is nice to see our product succeed alongside the 'heavy hitters' of the industry.

John Ottaviano

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