Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Original Tactical Pant

Rothco's Tactical BDU Pants are one of the hottest trending items in the market right now. The solid color cargo pants are taking the world by storm with their comfortable cotton/polyester blend, multiple pockets and adjustable waist tabs for an ideal fit.

Tactical BDU pants are available in many different styles including a cotton rip-stop version, many different kinds of military camouflage, colored camo, relaxed fit and much more. Rothco's BDU's are ideal for uniforms, out in the field or for everyday wear as they are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

View all of the different Tactical BDU Pants Rothco has to offer on our website now.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

History Of The Waist Pack

Whether you know it as a fanny pack, a bum bag or a belly bag, the waist pack has been around for quiet sometime. In fact, it dates as far back as 3400 - 3100 BCE, in which it was a part of the attire of Otzi bka "The Iceman" which was discovered in 1991. Another origin of the waist pack is that owed to the Native American's who would make a waist pack instead of sewing pockets in their clothes. Further east in Ireland, the waist pack was very popular due to a lack of pockets in Kilts. 

For centuries the waist pack has been utilized across the globe and Rothco has taken it to the next level with our  Tactical Concealed Carry Waist Pack. The pack has 5 optimal pockets for storage along with a concealed carry compartment for a small to medium size handgun. 

Check out the pictures of out our Tactical Concealed Carry Waist Pack below and watch the video for detailed breakdown of the fanny pack here.

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Our #GOTM Can Do It All

It can slice! It can dice! Rothco's 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool is really the most versatile tool on the market. With 5 different tools, there isn't anything this piece of equipment can't do. The multi-tool includes a saw attachment, an axe with a flat hammer head on the opposite end, a pickaxe, a shovel with a serrated edge and a compass! Go from cutting up firewood on your next camping trip, to digging a hole to plant seedlings on your homestead with a quick change of attachments. The heavy steel constructions makes this the most durable item in your bug out bag and it comes complete with a nylon carrying case so everything stays together. Find out more about our ultimate multi-tool on our website.

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